Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sun and snow and the joy of completing projects

It is beautiful outside this morning with the sun shining down on a "marshmallow world", as the song goes... Having said that, I'm ready for my world to warm up a bit and have roads that are free of all things which could cause one to go sliding into a ditch. The forecast is for more snow.

The photo above is a reminder that winter has come and gone before. Thanks to those who click on my Amazon widget to place their Amazon orders, I was able to purchase a beautiful gardening book from a used book seller and an American Girl book for Elizabeth's birthday. (I usually order through a friend's Amazon widget but I forgot this time!) I am very thankful there are people who don't forget... sigh.

I've been taking advantage of my forced confinement (due to weather) since Sunday to complete more little projects here and there. I know once warmer weather sets in, my thoughts and time spent will be outside so with each project I complete... I'm preparing for Spring!

Most of this week's small projects have been "behind the scenes", those messes I knew were there and others didn't see (except the family). Like organizing the side table we use to store games behind the doors. It's amazing what one finds in there, like the 1950's Dell paperback book called Poker According to Maverick... it's a long story.

Thank you for the many comments and suggestions about the Deepening the Pantry and Recession Pondering posts. You also gave me some great ideas. I have never been very good at choosing a day for each topic, except Sunday Afternoon Tea and when I participate in Living Simply Saturdays (which I take part in when a post will apply).

So... I'll start writing more Recession Pondering posts again, which will be "off the top of my head" posts just like Sunday Afternoon Tea... ideas that come to me, memories of "what we did or how we did it", etc. (Oh, you didn't know Sunday Afternoon Tea was what I was thinking at the moment?) Let the cat out of that bag so to speak.

Deepening the Pantry posts will continue to be researched and have more order to them. There are LOTS already on the sidebar so I'll probably be repeating myself once in awhile... or lots. I also have a few blogs and websites to add to that part of the sidebar.

Speaking of which, I've started posting the books I'm reading and those I've set aside to read again. The latter books are pretty much the same as they have been for months, a reminder to me that they are waiting... patiently... on the shelf to become a priority someday. Otherwise in this house of books, it is possible to become forgotten... poor things.

As for today, I have promised a friend some "comfort good" as he is struggling with kidney stones. So, I must make something with pecans. The family has been enjoying the cherry coffee cake I made three days ago, a slightly "tweaked" version of Anna's (and it stays moist!). I use this so often that it is one of the recipes I have taped to the inside of my most used kitchen cabinets.

... and I also have a book to read, vacuuming and laundry to begin (and the always growing sink full of dishes), and a grocery list to write with coupons to peruse. Better get started.


scrappy quilter said...

Can't wait to read more posts. You have such a wealth of info to share with us. I've read all the pantry posts over the past several weeks. Isn't it great to get those little jobs finished.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the coffee cake recipe. I was just looking for a good one and just bought blueberries! Yes thankyou Brenda for all the recessioin proofing posts already and more to now come. Do you have any forum information to add? I stumbled on a forum somewhere but the posts were years old and there were only a few posts that had about 0 information. No matter how much we have done through the years along these lines there is always more to do or learn. Adding a good emergency health book to the list might be a good the Red Cross ones you run across in the used stores. Try and make sure the information is as up to date as possible. Some of these books like one Kaiser Permanente Hospital gives out to its members free, gives you has what to look for. If the health concern is this or this it says do this and this at home but if it is like such and such seek medical help from your doctor. It can save you concern and $. I know Kaiser also has an advice nurse phone number so you can talk to an R.N. too. I imagine ther are many other resorces out there like this. But I will add,..if you are at ALL not a doctor's care for sure of course! Thanks again Brenda. Jody

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Oh my! A lightbulb just went off in my head when you said that you use that recipe so often you've taped it to the inside of your cupboard. Why have I never thought of that?! Pancakes and biscuit recipes come to mind...I don't have room in this pretty little head for remembering recipes. =}

Oh good, I'm glad that you will continue with your Recession Ponderings once again.

Somehow I could never get regimented with the Monday this and the Tuesday that either. I'd almost like to, but I have so many things that I want to share without resorting to doing that style, though I certainly enjoy it when someone else does it.

Anonymous said...

Dee from Tennessee

"I have taped to the inside of my most used kitchen cabinets."

Why in the world have I never thought of that? I take the same salad to work (by request actually which blows my mind) every single time we have a "goody" day, but I have to go by the recipe , step by step. Love this idea!

Anonymous said...

Can you explain how Widget works again? I just bought books; I wish I ordered them trhough your widget. Next time I will.