Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sunday morning and I'm coughing and sniffing

I hope to write a Sunday Afternoon Tea post later today. It may end up being Monday morning if I can't get the fog out of my head. Fuzzy thinking along with sniffing and coughing are sure signs of the Christmas "stuff" going around. I hear there is a flu bug making its' presence felt through town... I'll take the common cold, thank you.

When I arrived home last night (with a little daylight left for the first time in a week), I took off my coat and sat on the Lazy Boy... absolutely amazed I made it through six days. Not "just made it" but I kept up my share of the workload.

I was thinking of a song whose exact words escape me for now... sometimes God calms the storm and sometimes He just gives His child peace "in the storm". That's what He did for me last week. The actual circumstances were far from my preference with horrible driving conditions, long hours with limited breaks, brutal cold (today the wind chill is -20), and then getting sick with a cold on Thursday. Not what I'd asked when I put my order in to Him for last week.

However, as I look back I realize He did provide a miracle. For I had unbelievable strength for the work days and both parents and teenager came through the ice storms safely. Isn't that like life?

It's not what we would prefer most of the time but someday we will look back with the same amazement that we made it through, proud of whatever battle scars we end up with for we know Who gave the strength to not only endure... but have gifts of what we accomplished to lay at His feet (never perfectly done but He never expects perfection). :)


Cecile said...

Hope you are feeling better soon:)
I found you over on Suzie Q's blog:)

Queen Bee said...

Hi Brenda, I do hope you get better soon. I just want to share with you that I'm having a tea party today. A cup of Christmas Tea. My table is all set and my sandwiches are ready to make when I get back from church. The part I'm not sure about is the bread when I cut it into triangles. Anyway, I had the bread frozen, I'm going to take it out while at church. I'm making cucumber sandwiches, cream cheese and walnuts, with small cookies.
Merry Christmas Brenda, you have a lovely blog and a nice family. I am thankful for your blog. "Jesus is the reason for the season"

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

It warms my heart just to know that you are safely at home where you can put your feet up for a while knowing that your week is safely and happily behind you. Lots of tea and rest for you today, I hope.

Your words today speak to me clearly. So true...NOTHING ever works out quite the way we had planned, but the Lord is always working His plan.

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

Ah, Brenda, I am so glad you had your miracle to not just make it through the week, but do it so well, with grace. Push the hot tea! Rest! May you all have a meaningful and blessed Christmas, I believe you surely will!

Cheryl (copperswife) said...

Whew, what a week you had! How grateful I am that you are all safe and sound....and hoping that you are over that cold soon.

Anonymous said...

Brenda, I'm saying a prayer for you that God will restore your strength and health after such a tough week. I also wanted to thank you for the beautiful Christmas music on your blog. We decorated our tree last night while listening to it! (We waited 'til both of our oldest came home from college to do the tree.)DMV

Jewels said...

Dearest ((Brend)), grabbing a quick minute to actually leave a note, and give you a big gentle hug. I'm feeling/and praying for you, as you make your way through this sickness. You are so right, there's nothing common about the common cold! I hope you're able to rest, rest, rest. Which, I know, isn't the easiest, or most enjoyable thing to be doing, right about now. Driving, has been quite the (at times big scary) adventure, here, too. Long and winding, snowy, icy, country roads. And, the worst of it, for me, coming *way* too close, *way* too often, to hitting deer. My whole body just tensed up, merely thinking about it long enough to type that short sentence of the telling out ;o) Makes me just want to stay home--until Spring.
Love you, dear, sweet lady. I hope you're feeling much better soon.
Your old (and getting older by the minute) pal and b.o.v.l.b., Jewels ;o)

the pleasures of homemaking said...

Hi Brenda, I hope you feel better soon! Try to get some rest - you've had such a busy stressful week.