Saturday, December 27, 2008

The melting of ice is a very good thing

For the first time in weeks (at least it seems that way), I did not have to cut through my neighbor's lawn to pick up the newspaper or the mail. Our gravel lane has been so slick, my neighbor said he started sliding on it... standing still!

While snow is pretty, this warm rain was very much needed to wash the ice off of everything... especially gravel. :)

I let the menfolk sleep in this morning while I had some post-Christmas fun. No one cared that I spent an hour at Goodwill and found two blouses for $1.99 each (one of them a Talbots). I also went to Tuesday Morning and found a few very small (clearanced at $2.00 each) gifts for next year's Christmas baskets. Oh, I could spend waaaay to much in there and at half-price try to justify it, but I didn't... I stopped at $10.50 but for five items originally priced at $12.00 EACH.

When Christopher and I were out yesterday, we had to stop by Target for a few groceries my husband had requested (a brand of jelly Target sells at a great price). While there, we looked through their 50% off Christmas "stuff"... well, I looked and Christopher tapped his feet and asked me to please hurry. Between the gift bags I purchased there and a few I bought at (of all places) my grocery store, I'm all set for next Christmas and at great prices.

I was able to stock the pantry a little and "feed the freezer". Turkeys were still at their greatly reduced Christmas price so I bought one turkey breast and another small whole turkey for a fraction of their original prices. Both of them went into the deep freeze.

My favorite brand of canned tomatoes were on sale so I stocked up on them. How good it was to have the extra funds to be able to do so. I'm hoping to do a little more pantry stocking soon. First I need to go through and see what is needed the most.

I still owe lots of e-mails! Once I get past putting Christmas decorations away and doing a little decluttering, I'll have more time (I think).

I'm hoping for a calm and quiet January. I need to think... and pray... and ponder. My brain is as cluttered as my garage right now.


freetobeme - Anita said...

Well, ummm, rain may be good for you in Iowa but for us in Michigan we've had enough. Fields are flooded, ditches are full, etc. Rain, rain, go away!

Sue said...

Same for us in Indiana. Rain with chance of thunderstorms this evening.

Brenda, if it freezes again, be careful. My 86 year old father fell on the ice 2 weeks ago. He broke two ribs and punctured a lung. But praise God, he is doing really well, all things considered.

Hope your January is stress free!

Violin Mom said...

Just stopping by to say Happy New Year! Have a blessed 2009! from Violin Mom in FLA.

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Glad the snow is melting! We haven't had any in our area yet. Do you hate putting the Christmas decorations away as much as I do? I love them, but taking them down and packing them up is such a depressing chore for me! The house will seem so dreary and bare--so I'll put it off until next weekend!V.

Martha said...

Your need for reflection is so much what I am feeling now. I have spent my Christmas break pondering life as well and have determined that I want to slow it down a bit. Because of one of your posts, I am now reading "It takes so little be above average." I am so taken with it that I am going to use this as a theme in my English classes in spring semester. I can see how this relates to not only my composition classes, but to my American Literature as well!

I look forward to tea with you on the morrow!

Get some rest!


Spanish Princess said...

I too am thinking of the future already. I spent yesterday cleaning out the craft/Chrsitmas closet to start gather stuff and making craft lists for next year. I find that it is quite calming for me.

Sharon said...

Hi Brenda:
I have been by to read but have had no time to comment till now.Oh but a quiet and calm January sounds lovely to me.I too have had a cluttered brain and a cluttered life recently.We here in Oregon had some snow and ice for a couple weeks.We too now have a warm rain that is melting it all away.These conditions closed schools early for break.End result...watching granddaughter A LOT !Which meant little time for me to do those things I wanted to do like comment at your blog!!I just love reading you and all about your life there.Keep up the great work Brenda.You are the first blog I read each day!Love~Sharon

Linda said...

You write one of my favorite blogs. I think of it as a cozy blog. How did you like Miss Buncle? I read that book years ago and have begun looking for copy recently. Wishing you a new year that brings health, happiness and lots of opportunities to make good memories.