Thursday, November 13, 2008

Pantry Links and a get well wish

I was washing the dinner dishes this evening and thinking of the comment made by Jewels earlier in the week. Where she talks about the injury she received to her hand while washing a glass.

What reminded me were the tall Tupperware glasses floating to the top of the hot, sudsy water. For you see, the same thing happened to me early in our marriage requiring a trip to the emergency room and a number of stitches.

I have some nice "real" glasses which I carefully wash after using but for everyday... plastic. That deep gash in my hand made quite the impression. Ouch. My prayers go out for a quick and complete recovery and believe me... I feel your pain.

My friend, Kathy, once told me she believes God lets me go through some things so I can teach others how to prepare for difficult times. If that is so, then I can tell you again it is SO MUCH BETTER to deepen your own pantry then depend on others.

Hubby was able to go to four food pantries today. He said you can tell the economy is quite bad already as they were giving only one sack of food per family. There are quite a few items I can't use but enough that I can to make a day standing in line (for him) well worth the time and energy. It helped a great deal.

However, let me just say it inspired me to encourage your pantry deepening by posting the set of links on the side bar. These are just a beginning and I'll continue to do some more research, especially adding good blogs with lots of information.

Right now, they are divided between links to my posts, links to specific sites, links to great blogs, and links to specific articles. Happy surfing!

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Anonymous said...

Oh Brenda,

Thank you so much for putting up those links! They will make a difference for me!

lady jane said...

Thank you so much!

Manuela said...

Thanks Brenda. I'd like to add that it's always nice to buy a few things extra to give to your local food pantry. They are facing hard times trying to have enough to help people.


Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Oh my! I spent some time visiting links last night and forgot to leave a comment. Thank you for pulling together such a good list. I especially enjoyed visiting Granny, but was surprised to read that she's not continuing???

Anonymous said...

How very nice and thoughtful of you to send some extra food from your stockpiling to the food banks. We just had a big food drive here and it felt good to give to someone who absolutely needs help at these difficult times. It is amazing the people who don't have the extra money to buy the necessities let alone try and stockpile.