Monday, October 27, 2008

Pantry Talk - a few good articles to read

I have received so many e-mails about setting up and deepening the pantry that I've decided to have informal posts once in awhile called "Pantry Talk". That way I can answer some questions and offer links.

I'm still working on the research for permanent links on the sidebar. During my web surfing, I came across many articles that I've found fascinating. Not even during the Y2k scare did so much of the "mainline" media give such attention to stocking up!

Here is an article in the Wall Street Journal.

Here is an article from MSNBC.

For very interesting research and information, Sallie posted all three of Glen Beck's recent articles about the economy and what he believes is coming, as well as how he is preparing. These articles are especially important to read.

I was asked in one of the comments if I stored water. I do keep some of the inexpensive gallons of water from Wal Mart in my garage. I have an under the sink purification unit so I will open that water when it has been in the garage a few months, use it up, and then refill it with the purified water from the sink. You can't reuse these water cartons indefinitely, though. They aren't made to last forever. :)

My husband could not understand why I'd keep extra water but he was very happy I did when we have lost power from time to time. We have well water and one must have electricity for the pump to work. I've played around with the idea of putting in and old fashioned pump but there have always been higher priorities for money than that.


Gumbo Lily said...

Interesting articles. Since I live in rural America, 55 miles from the nearest town (with grocery store/supplies) I have always lived with a fairly deep pantry. It makes sense to buy in bulk and have extra for the times when I can't get to town due to weather and road conditions. It's not difficult to do and it's practical, even for city dwellers.

The quote in the Wall Street Journal article about the price of food going by higher percentages than Money Market and CD's makes it even more reasonable to stock up on food.

Looking forward to more ideas and articles.


nanatrish said...

Your ideas about the water is great. I appreciate your blog and I love seeing how you are preparing for our uncertain future. Thanks for everything.

ru4real @ Healthy Living said...

I haven't visited in several days, so I had to go back and read the 'pantry' post ... GREAT JOB! Your approach to crisis preparedness is fantastic. We live on the Gulf Coast, so I have to consider hurricane preparedness every summer/fall. Hurricane Katrina taught my family the value of being prepared ... and also the tenderness of a loving Father, who provided for us when we were in need. What an awesome God!