Monday, October 27, 2008

One new recipe and others coming

I promised my sister that I would continue working on typing our favorite family recipes and putting them in a three ring binder. So... I will place many of them on Coffee Tea Books and Recipes, too... as time permits. (Link is on the sidebar.)

We continued to have cool and blustery weather yesterday so I was wondering what I could bake since I had run out of eggs in the frig. Hmmm... I spotted some apples which had been given to me a week earlier and remembered I had a couple deep dish pie shells in the freezer.

Very soon I was looking up a favorite recipe for Dutch Apple Pie and within an hour there was a divine looking apple pie sitting out to cool a bit on my thick, wooden cutting board.

I love this recipe for it is simple to put together (especially if you keep deep dish pie crusts in the freezer... and yes, I did buy them at the grocery store) and it is good warm or at room temperature.

No, the picture is not of my pie. It went too fast to take a picture. You can find the recipe here, though.

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