Thursday, October 30, 2008

Feeling better, kinda, sorta

I am feeling a wee bit better today, although the pressure in my head is making me a human barometer. I don't think I've fully recovered from that awful flu that was going around. Thank you for all your comments, I know I'm not alone. Blogs and the people you meet on them and through them are truly a gift from God in these uncertain times. :)

Life can be overwhelming at times, can't it. I do often take a "news fast", especially since I'm so tired of all the election news. However, one can't get away from it at this time since the "what if Obama is elected" talk seems to arrive in every ministry e-mail and update, not to mention facing the reality of economics... ours and the nation's.

I'm also around two melancholic men, it's enough to make any sanguine take to her sofa. I was able to give my husband a word picture recently to make him see why he shouldn't say another's pain isn't as bad as ours (well, for one thing, I've never been put in a Chinese prison for my faith!!!). Remember, melancholics see the glass half empty.

I told him it would be like someone suffering from the pain of cancer telling me I wasn't suffering like them when I had the abscessed tooth. Just because one's circumstances may not seem as difficult as another's, doesn't mean the pain is any less.

My friend who is shedding tears over a prodigal daughter feels no less pain than I do suffering from Juvenile diabetes and financial concerns. Another friend no longer sees her beloved grandchildren because her son ruined his marriage when he had an affair and her former daughter-in-law moved to another part of the state. Each has their own trial and we must all endure to the end.

I remember the year I was working long hours with Concerned Women For America, fighting a state constitutional amendment which concerned us very much. We had been given very little chance of stopping the amendment as it was backed by high ranking national and state politicians. That was the year I had my husband and daughter helping me stuff thousands of envelopes to mail out before election day. Christopher was just a couple years old at the time.

We ended up with a David vs. Goliath win but I was so exhausted by election day, I had to go to bed and couldn't take a phone call from the newspaper. Not too long after that, I received a pretty card in the mail from a delightful woman I'd met, a homemaker whose house we had been able to meet in a couple of times. She had included a pretty magnet with the scripture verse "Let us not weary in doing good". She had no idea how spiritually and emotionally exhausted I was and that the magnet would have a home on my refrigerator for years.

I can't say my circumstances are any better today but I'm not as emotionally weary. Even though my husband and I had to take our working car (Old Faithful) in to see the tire doctor today in between Christopher's classes. The tire was able to get by with a patch (yeah!) and I was so happy that I promised to drop some cookies off for the "tire man" next week. Our town may be much bigger than it was when I was a child but that doesn't mean we have to act like it. :)

As for this evening, dinner is going to be very simple. Rather than start a new fiction book, I may pop Persuasion in the DVD player, light a candle, and do a little more resting on the sofa... perhaps a snack later of tea and cinnamon toast. That sounds like a very good thing.

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Anonymous said...

I try to only listen to the less biased news on tv or radio but even so with the reports of only partial facts being reported by canidates or news that is out but we are not being told or allowed to see all by the media it is still very jarring to the emotions. I have picked my pick but it does drive me crazy that others are only thinking of the economy and nothing else the canidates stand for. That is a big factor but also look at other issues that are dear to your hearts and God's. Enough of this. I tried to spend the day working in my home and feeling very Donna Reed. Watched the birds and picked out my next book to read. Home is and will always be our refuge from the world and I need to keep that world out of it more for our peace of mind. Keep it out and more of God in. Sooo glad you are feeling more yourself today Brenda... Jody

Lisa said...

Glad you're feeling somewhat better today. I can totally relate. Often times life does give us alot to handle, but our trials and tribulations truly do serve a purpose, and we are all the wiser because of them.

Hugs from Syracuse, NY.

Susan B said...

I am glad that you are feelig better today. I know the news is overwhelming now with the election so close. It is difficult to watch the news continually. I can only watch in little spurts, then I have to turn the tv off (my husband is watching Fox News right now!)

I hope you have a relaxing evening, and enjoy your movie. Persuasion is my favorite Jane Austen book (and movie)! Take care.

DebD said...

I'm glad you're doing a wee bit better. Persuasion would be my pick, for sure!

Gumbo Lily said...

A "news fast" can do wonders. I'm having one of those today. (But I may tune in to FoxNews later on). Hoping you'll be feeling better. A good Jane Austen flick, tea and toast sounds like the perfect remedy. Rest.


Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

It's not easy keeping one's cheery side up. Hope that you are feeling better very soon. A nice quiet supper and gentle pursuits sounded so lovely. Take care...

Anonymous said...

So glad you're feeling a little better-me too.
And in case you couldn't tell or didn't know, I am a melancholic and yes, the cup is *always* half empty.
joanna :)

the pleasures of homemaking said...

Glad you're feel a wee bit better! I've had to take an election fast - I'm just feeling worn out by the whole thing (peoples attitudes on blogs and the news).

Escaping into some Austen sounds good - that's why I've been watching Wives and Daughters every day this week! Another world another time!


Anonymous said...

It is Friday and you are on to another subject in your blog so I am putting this in with a past entry of yours that somewhat touches on politics. I just heard on conservative radio show with my own ears Biden saying on Elien Degenerious show this week that he and Obama are For gay marriage and always have been. So if he had to vote on Californias proposition 8 next Tuesday he would vote against it. She point blank asked him. Oct 2nd though, in the presidential debate we all heard with own ears Obama saying he and Biden were both against gay marriage. Do they have any principles they stand for or do they switch to look good to anyone they are around? These both were said on national tv...why isen't the major news reporting this? This happened earlier this week and Obama has not yet come out and said Biden made another blunder so I am to take it he is right in what he said on the show.....or is he right in the debates? Which are we to believe? Sorry for the rant I really faught with myself as to if I should write.,..but this is upsetting that we could be voting in a president that seems so unprincipled. I haven't heard Obama say Biden is wrong....has anyone of you heard it? Please let us know. If you are for gay marriage this might be just what you waned to hear...but still they did they completely change their stance on a very important issue in a few short days. I do not mean this to be hateful in any way but I do not understand what I have you? Jody