Friday, September 19, 2008

We surely miss you

Rich Mullins
1955 to September 19th, 1997

A humble Hoosier and
my all time favorite Christian singer

In honor of the eleventh anniversary of his passing in an accident, I have also put one of his songs as first on my Play List for the next week. :)


Renae said...

Rich Mullins is one of my favorite songwriters. Yes, I miss him, too.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for remembering Rich. I wondered if you would blog about him and here it is!
He is my favorite songwriter as well, and I am so pleased to find this here.
What a humble and Godlike man he was. If each of us took to heart just one or two of the things he said/wrote about, the world would indeed be a better place.
~~peace to you~~

meg said...

Oh, my~ has it really been that long? Seems like just a couple of years ago we were shocked so by his death.

Anonymous said...

I loved him too. Have you ever seen clips from one of his last church concerts? There are 5 parts. There's also a tribute documentary about him but I'm sure you've probably seen that. Everything is on YouTube, if not. Here's my favorite part of the concert:
Thanks for remembering Rich!

freddie said...

ciao brenda, thanks 'cause it was really really goodò I think I'll add something to my playlist... lol


Iva said...

I miss him, too!

Sandy said...

There is a purity in his music that we don't often hear. Everytime I hear his music I suddenly have a strong desire to become a missionary. It was a huge loss to the Body of Christ when he went to heaven.