Tuesday, September 02, 2008

A very quick Tuesday hello

Well, I'd planned a much more newsy post today after hopefully taking pictures (it didn't happen) and after crossing about ten items off my twenty item "to do" list. My intentions were quite honorable.

Instead I chipped away at necessary work, baked pumpkin bars (since Christopher was not happy I'd taken all of Sheila's cake to the book store with Dad), popped a casserole in the oven to partially bake before covering it and turning the oven off while picking said son up from work... all that and falling asleep for two hours on the sofa this afternoon! I was more tired than I'd realized from two straight weeks of work.

We've also been working with one car and multiple time challenges this week. Thankfully, my mechanic called an hour ago to tell me why the car was making the clanging sound and that he'd fixed it for us... no charge. He said it took a couple of minutes. That's why he has been our mechanic for a gazillion years.

I would have waited until later this evening and typed out my thoughts about cabbages and kings and other important speculations and points of interest... but... the computer will be taken all evening for one of the most important events of the autumn season. The fantasy football league draft. Hubby has to work during part of it so "the world's best son-in-law" has his "wish list" and will do the drafting for hubby along with his own.

Of course, any Chicago Bears he drafts would be doing so under duress. He is a Patriots fan. Sigh... and my grandchildren are being raised as fans of the "wrong socks" for their baseball team.

I'm depressed. On that note, I'll go do something constructive like taking Christopher with me to pick up the car from the shop... another sigh.

Picture: Summer Front Porch; allposters.com


Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

Your pumpkin bars sound so yummy. I'm glad you got to rest. I got to sleep yesterday on the holiday and it was wonderful. I'm so glad you got your car fixed and have such an honest person that works on it. The Lord is so good!

freetobeme - Anita said...

I love the picture you posted with this blog!

Kelly said...

You are soooo blessed to have a trustworthy mechanic, and the pumpkin bars sound wonderful!!
You deserved that nap today too!


Maggie Ann said...

Ahh, I came over to see if you wanted a pet goat...just kidding! No pun intended.=) That was nice that you enjoyed that goat picture same as I did. It was the prettiest little thing! Those make for long Sunday's to visit my sister at the nursing home...she's a good ways from us.~~~Your baking sounds so good and to have your car fixed for free and just as good, to have someone actually know whats wrong with it!....hurray! for your mechanic. I like the sounds of it all. Well, I'm not into sports much at all, so I can't comment on that. Take care, I think sore throat weather is closer than we think.

freddie said...

two hourse sleeps in a sofa... is may daily dream...
God bless you

SmallWorld at Home said...

Thanks for visiting my blog; I'm enjoying perusing yours! Please do stop back and do the Life Books challenge when you can!