Saturday, September 13, 2008

To the person who left the rude comment below

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why no mention of 911. It is all about you and praying to God for yourself. Bragging not Blogging

I made no mention of 911 because I had a give away going at the time and I do not post anything until the day the give away ends.

Not that you deserve an answer but I thought someone else may be wondering the same thing.

Actually, I was going to talk about 911 and things we can be thankful for in America on Sunday Afternoon Tea.

Hmmm... I thought a blog was about my life. Obviously you have not been reading my blog for the last two years.

Next week I will be running the September 11th post I've ran the past two years. The one where I tell the story of what my family went through that day... living in a major city... my husband in the air at the time the airplanes hit the buildings and fell from the sky... not knowing until late that day if he was alive or dead.


Clif said...

Sorry you got a rude comment. I guess none of us are exempt from this kind of rudeness. Looks like the person leaving it did not read the comments at the top of this page. Thanks for telling me about your friend who made a remark back to God. It reminded me of remarks I heard from others when trying to help them with suffering. It is just more proof that people do not want simplistic answers when they are suffering.

Anonymous said...

Dee from Tennessee

This person truly doesn't deserve an answer because someone like that....well, nothing will please them.

And they will always find something to be critical about...and for the most part, I believe that most people like that are hurting in some way....something is lacking in their life.

Anonymous said...

Dee from Tennessee

Oh, I forgot to say to try to ignore them (but that is easier said that done) if you can and don't let them get to you. It is their problem, not yours.

Kimberly said...

It always seems the rude ones are anonymous, or a name with no link back. *sigh* I've considered blocking anon comments myself, but I do have some family/friends that don't blog, but still like to leave comments.
My pastor once said that when he received letters he always first looked to see who signed them. If they were anonymous, they went staright to the trash without even being read. If someone wasn't willing to identify his or herself, he wasn't going to read it.
It's like heresay in court. It's inadmissable. Still hurts though.

Anonymous said...

My goodness...since when do blogs have to mention obligatory things?
Sorry you've been thru so many rude comments lately Brenda. Some blogs mentioned 911 and some didn' never occured to me to shame the ones who didn't.
Good Grief!!

Mrs. Bill said...

Thank you for your lovely blog - it has been so refreshing to visit it during the past two weeks. I have been very wearied by all the rudeness and nastiness about the political campaigns both from the media and from what used to be lovely blogs. I particularly enjoyed your wise comments from last Sunday's afternoon tea.

Perhaps it's just the nature of the blogosphere that makes rude comments so easy - just type a few words in anger and shoot them out.

Perhaps looking for paper, pen, and a stamp, and then writing the comment out by hand, and then walking or driving to the post office, would slow things up and give the commenter time to cool down and think about what she/he is doing.

Take heart; you may be helping and cheering more people than you think.

Karen said...

I am sticking my tongue out at such silliness. I write as things pop into my head and have a loose schedule of what I post. I don't understand why people feel it necessary to make such harsh comments. Anyhow, I'm fairly certain I know where your heart stands on 9/11 and figured that you had something planned to say. :)

have a blessed day, sister!

freetobeme - Anita said...

You have so many reader's who appreciate your blog. Try not to let that one bad person get to you. I know it's easier said than done. God loves you and so do I.

Sandy said...

Rolling my eyes at anonymous. Really. Probably goes around leaving rude comments on random blogs. Nice way for him/her to remember 9/11, huh?

Anonymous said...


I am mostly a lurker, but every once in a while I have to comment.

I very much enjoy your blog and just want you to know you are an encouragement to me and I am sure to many others.

I am sorry someone felt they have the 'right' to leave an unkind comment. Please be encouraged that God is using you to encourage others.

Lori in PA

Maggie Ann said...

I did not blog about 911 either. I was busy living life...watching the memorial services on tv, and taking care of home things. I'm sorry you got that type of comment. Makes you feel bad when there's no reason too.

Brenna said...

Brenda, I have always loved your blog. It's sad that others don't show respect when it comes to someone writing their views on their own web site! Be well! Love, Brenna

Terri said...

Why are all the snarky comments anonymous? I think if you are afraid to identify yourself and stand up for what you really think, maybe you should just sit down and shut up, anyway.
I detest cowards. Especially hurtful ones.

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

The nerve of some people's kids! :D

I used to think that you should just hit the delete button and be done with it, but now I think that your approach is better. It teaches us all something.

Sharon said...

Anonymous and rude comments are like hit and run drivers to me Brenda...I love you and your blog.I just feel sad that there is such rudeness in the blog world.You can post whatever you want to or don't want to as it's YOUR blog!Bless you Brenda...Sharon

freddie said...

Dear Brenda,
you always have my support. and by the way, this anonymous must have visited my blog too...
Ciao and let us pray for him/her too.

DebD said...

Wow. I also didn't get the blogging memo that we had to talk about Sept 11th. oops. /sarcasm off

Is this person serious??? Who decides these things??

Hugs to you. I'm sure you're feeling rather put upon by that comment.

nanatrish said...

Brenda-I agree with the last one to post. There is no rule that we are supposed to post CERTAIN things. I thought this is what we wanted to discuss on that particular day. People are GOOFY. You have a great blog and I would try and ignore such goofy comments. You have always been one of my very favorites.

Anonymous said...

You need to stop explaining everything you do or buy. No one should be judging your life unless they are so "perfect" which I highly believe anyone is. You don't have to justify everything you or your family does. Everyone has different budgets and some don't know what it is like to live on a small budget. That is their problem however. If you want to buy yourself a used book or something else just do it and don't feel guilty or that you have to explain it. You are too hard on yourself. Enjoy your small, simple pleasures and God bless.