Saturday, September 13, 2008

Still time for the give away

It's early Saturday morning and I'm awaking to heavy rain for the second day and a hurricane on the way. In the Midwest? Well, Ike won't still be a hurricane when it hits our part of the country tomorrow but it may be at tropical storm strength with six inches or more rain, high winds, and twisters. I'm thankful it didn't hit Corpus Christi head on (as I have a dear friend there) but my prayers are with those people in the path.

I finished making the chicken noodle soup yesterday morning (started as a baked chicken a couple days ago). It may have seemed rather strange to serve hot soup with the warm, muggy weather we have had but the guys are suffering greatly from mold allergies... and I had the air conditioning on! :)

The bad weather didn't keep we of the bibliophile persuasion away from a library sale last night. I arrived about fifteen minutes early and there were already a hundred or so people in line. The young woman I stood with said during the last sale, there were tornado warnings... and there was still a line. We were with the New England contingent at a cottage in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania during that sale.

It was well worth battling the rain and fog to find a number of Christian fiction books for hubby and some treasures for me. I'll write more about them later. Getting home was dicey. I don't like driving at night but add rain, forest, and a light fog... and the knowledge that deer have been seen (by moi') running across the road close to my house... all I can say is I was very careful.

Christopher called while I was at the book sale to tell me he was on his way home to study. The engineering building on campus where he usually sets up his books was absolutely empty. There's a joke on campus (that is very real) that the only people studying on Friday night are Asians and Electrical Engineering students. He would add "freshmen who have to work all day Saturday" to the equation. It was rather spooky being all alone, knowing there are 40,000 plus students around him and none in the building... It was nice having him home for a change when I went to sleep.

I've been organizing the pantry and chipping away at fall cleaning projects. The house now looks very... autumnal. I'll show some pictures when I can re-download Kodak Easy Share. It's a long story but taking it out may have happened when those viruses hit and I'm receiving help from their nice customer service people. I'm hoping to work on it today. I keep getting an error message but they sent me a three page set of instructions that will hopefully work.

There is still time to sign up for the Sally Clarkson give away. I'll be drawing a winner this evening. I thought it sweet that Sally left a comment for me and then later was thinking how funny it would be if I drew HER number as winner. (I'd draw another number but what would the chances be... sigh, I think it is funny but I've only had one cup of coffee.)

Have a great day my friends. Let us keep the people being affected by the hurricane today... and as it moves through the Midwest... in our prayers.

ADDED: The Amazing Grace song mentioned in the comments is written and sung by Chris Tomlin. LOVE his music. It is the ring tone of my cell phone, too.

The song is from the movie Amazing Grace, which could be my second favorite film of all time. Nothing will beat Casablanca. :)

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Anonymous said...

Why no mention of 911. It is all about you and praying to God for yourself. Bragging not Blogging

Kimberly said...

I've read the post. I didn't see anything bragging in the least. Wonder what anonymous blogged about today? I'd enjoy reading it, but sadly, there is no link to his or her blog. Why is that?

Anonymous said...

leo siempre que puedo su blog,me gusta mucho como relata sus vivencias cotidianas,aunque no leo ingles y al traducirlo se pierde algo, de todas maneras felicidades siga asi es usted una persona muy parecida a mi, por eso leo siempre sus escritos, me hacen mucho bien a mi espiritu, muchas gracias y de nuevo felicidades. le escribo desde un pueblo de espaƱa. gracias

GrammaGrits said...

Thanks for the opportunity of your giveaway. Lots of crazies out there like your 'anonymous' about 911. (Note their cowardice at not leaving their name.) Being in ministry, we've had notes and letters like that. Shame on them!!! God bless you - your posts are always a blessing, and I miss you every day you aren't able to blog!