Monday, September 08, 2008

The reason I voted for Hilary

Okay, I guess I'd better explain. Yes... I am a conservative Republican... Concerned Women For America and all that. Hubby has been a precinct delegate in various states.

You see, by the time my state had a primary, McCain had the Republican primary race won so he didn't need our vote (however reluctant it would have been).

So, many of us.... we?... (as I understand, thousands of us) Republicans voted for Hilary so Obama wouldn't win the state. I don't remember the exact number but it was huge... Republican crossover votes for Hilary.

The concept was going around the conservative talk radio shows for states like ours. A vote for Hilary was a vote against Obama.

I remember telling my husband that I wish Pat Paulson was still an option (only those over about age 45 would get it). Comedian... ran for president every election year. Funny guy.

I guess you'd have to be there... :)