Monday, September 08, 2008

I knew it would happen :)

Yes, I knew the Sunday Afternoon Tea post would generate both pros and cons. Hopefully those on the "con" side know that I'm not saying I would do the same thing as our new V.P. candidate in my own life, although if I were convinced it was God's leading I would. He has taken me down many unusual paths in this journey of life.

I'm an "ours" of a yours, mine, and ours marriage and since my mom had to return to work right away, my dad and my older sisters had a huge hand in my day to day activities. Probably even more than mom for a long time and it only made me closer to all... but mom was always MOM.

Just like Sarah, there were a lot of accusations that I was actually an out of wedlock child of one of my older sisters. No, I have pictures of my mother as big as a whale just before I was born. Hmmm... hopefully those in Heaven can't read our blogs.

Everyone must vote their own conscience. I know I could not vote for anyone who was not pro life, or at least claimed to be (as one wonders about many candidates and their promises these days). I remember chatting at work with the Textbook Manager last Buy Back (I work for him one week at the end of each semester). He is a Catholic and made the statement that "there is nothing more fundamental than the issue of life", concerning the elections. Hmmm, come to think of it...

I understand there will always be discussion on the issue of moms working outside the home. I consider that a very gray area of the Word but there are women whom I regard highly who would disagree and believe it is a black and white issue.

Regardless of which side we find ourselves, the decision has been made and that family needs to be uplifted with our support. Just as forgiving a person doesn't mean what they did was right, voting for a pro-life/conservative candidate does not mean you agree with her decision to run for office with a new special needs child.

However, each person must vote in the light of their own opinion but I do hope each person votes. Unless you are an Obama supporter, then you don't have to vote. Really, honest... you don't have to vote.

Speaking of which, our dear friends invited us to a huge Obama rally over the weekend. We declined. Brian (Sheila's son and one of the twins) stopped by our place to pick up the big table we'd borrowed for the graduation party. He really wanted us to attend but I told him I'd be afraid of pictures showing up when Christopher ran for President. Okay, when he runs for local and state office (which he wants to do someday).

The husband and father of this home is already thinking it great irony that Christopher and I are getting calls from the Democratic Party to volunteer. Since we... uh... voted for Hilary in the primaries. You see, it was political strategy. A vote for Hilary was a vote against Obama... do you get it? Sigh, he didn't either.

On a different note... BEARS WIN, BEARS WIN! There was great joy and basking in delight in our home when we heard the score this morning (it was still playing when hubby and I had to get to sleep). Although hubby's joy was mixed with great regret. He has Tom Brady as a primary player in his Fantasy Football team.

Oh, yeah... shake head until brain gets clear again... we were on the subject of politics. Perhaps football would be safer. Or tennis, my guy (Federer) will be playing the finals in late afternoon against the amazing Murray who beat Nadal. At this point non-tennis fans are saying... who? what? wear? The U. S. Open... tennis... men's finals tonight due to rain delay.

Since comments are still going on in the Sunday Afternoon Tea post, I'll leave the comments off here (for the first time in CTB&Me history). I must admit, I've been reading them with great trepidation... basically with one eye shut and squinting. As if that would make a difference. :)