Saturday, July 19, 2008

Another Meme

Raewyn (a very delightful blogger) tagged me with this fascinating Meme.

I am: a woman made whole by His Grace

I think: I will be ready for autumn if this heat wave continues

I know: the Universe has a Creator

I have: a great need for a cup of tea

I wish: the world was perfect

I hate: how dark the world has become

I miss: my precious kitty, Storm Girl

I fear: my health deteriorating more than it is

I feel: a sense of expectation

I hear: the hum of the computer fan and a TV show in the distance

I smell: the perfume I put on today before going to the doctor's office

I crave: coffee in the morning, tea in the evening, and chocolate at any time

I search: for peace, beauty, Truth

I wonder: what Eternity holds

I regret: not keeping up with past friendships

I love: my family

I ache: for my sister as she faces life as a widow

I am not: afraid

I believe: God is real

I dance: to the music of Heaven

I sing: only when I am alone

I cry: when I think of those who have already passed on

I don't always: check my blood sugar levels like I should

I fight: the same battle as Job

I write: because I have to

I win: peace... when I watch carefully what I say

I lose: my memory

I never: give up

I always: pray

I confuse: my husband but he is a man so that is expected

I listen: to hear what someone is really saying

I can usually be found: in the kitchen or curled up with a book

I am scared: of losing my health further

I need: God's Word

I am happy about: receiving good mail

I imagine: What Heaven will look like

And I (Raewyn) must add one of my own.

I (Brenda) am wearing: a long denim skirt, pretty top with roses on it, and sandals

This was fun so I tag any of my readers who want to take part. Just leave a comment so we can know where to find you!

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Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

That is a cool MEME! I really like the ones that make one think and get to the essence of who one is. Really enjoyed reading're one special gal!