Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Another great blog entry

And no, I am not tooting my own horn! It's a wonderful post about parenting at Sally Clarkson's blog. Click here to wander on over... I'm convinced Sally is my spiritual twin, separated at birth. Her books (and those co-written with Clay) were among my first and my favorites when we started homeschooling but it is even more than that. When reading Sally's books, I felt what C. S. Lewis talks about... we truly do read to know we are not alone.

As I reread Ruff's book, I'm remembering why it was so life changing for me. It was the first time I had even thought about "deepening the pantry" as a hedge against inflation (and insurance one can definitely use). I'll write more about it later.

Now I must take advantage of the sunshine outside. We've been surrounded by storms, not to mention tornadoes, for nearly a week. We spent most of the time during graduation practice hiding away in storm shelters as funnel clouds, tornadoes, and straight line winds played havoc all around us.

Hubby called me as the sirens went off to let me know what the meterologist on TV was saying and we lost contact during that conversation. I was very relieved when arriving home a couple of hours later to find only the power off and phone lines down after hearing reports of damage not far from where we lived.

Such is life in the Midwest. Last night I was so tired and sleepy that I went to bed with storms all around (lasting through the night) and threw up a prayer for God's protection. He did (protect, that is). :)


Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Sounds too exciting for words. Good thing that we know the Lord is always awake through the night and through the day watching out for us. Hope you have a chance to nap today to get caught up on missed rest.

Terra Hangen said...

Your blog is so perfect for me, starting with the title of Coffee, tea, books and me.
I am going to link to you right now, and come back later to browse and read.
C.S. Lewis is my favorite author, and I miss the wonderful online group MereLewis.

marye said...

Love Sally Clarkson!
I identify with what you wrote..Here in Texas we deal with those sirens more often than not!

Anonymous said...

Indeed, Brenda, as you know, I think you are my sister that was misplaced in another family. I always get filled and yes, feel that you are living my life, so I am not alone.
Love and grace and beauty to you this summer.
Sally Clarkson

Linda said...

I most def. can relate to your weather. We live in Alabama. TY for such a nice blog. I have saved you in my favorites. You stay safe. Blessings..