Saturday, May 10, 2008

More spring cleaning

I am so behind in my laundry and housework after working last week, visiting friends over the weekend, and doing some stock up shopping earlier this week. There were organization projects to be started on top of the weekly work... so the tension which comes with too much to do and low energy started this morning.

I dropped Christopher off at work and stopped by a garage sale in an "upscale" neighborhood on the way home. The prices were very cheap and I was very happy to find a few items I needed. After arriving home, I started dishes soaking in hot, soapy dishwasher while I began tackling the immediate chore at hand... continuing to organize the pantry shelves in the garage and put away what I'd purchased during my monthly "stock up" earlier this week..

We have only one set of shelves set aside as an additional pantry and one for additional kitchen/canning "stuff" but they are sturdy and deep (Gorilla Shelves). We had them in our bigger house and moved them with us as they were quite pricey to begin with. They are heavy enough and deep enough to hold the items and their protective containers.

That chore is almost done (organizing the garage "pantry" shelves) and I need to re-organize the other shelves in the garage soon. Some household work I don't like to call "chores" because I enjoy seeing everything get clean and sparkly. However, anytime I'm reorganizing and cleaning the garage... it is definitely a chore. Fortunately, my husband has already organized his part of the garage!

I used this time to set out two fresh mouse kibble containers on the lower shelves. I have a "live and let live" attitude towards varmints and critters outside my house but when they cross that line into the garage or the house... their days are numbered.

By chipping away at everything, I now have most of those shelves organized (a bit of "tweaking" is still needed), the bathroom linen closet completely reorganized, which also meant going through the family first aid kit and seeing what is missing, reorganizing the food shelves in the kitchen, and straightening one shelf of the yellow pantry. Oh yeah, I did the dishes. Now I'm getting some computer time before putting away a load of laundry.

By reorganizing various shelves, I made spaces to put some items I'm "putting back", like extra dish washing liquid, Crisco, a couple gallon size containers of canola oil, etc. Since most are going to the dark recesses of the corners in my lower kitchen cabinets, I wrote on a 3 x 5 card what is stored there (and taped it on the inside of the cabinet door) so I'll remember and not have to get down on hands and knees at a future date, wondering what is there when I need an item.

I finished organizing my side of our clothes closet last week when I purchased more of the hangers that are replacing my padded hangers (providing a whole lot more space). Using those Space Bags I bought at Target last month also freed up more shelf space. They are great for out of season clothing (or those extra kids clothes you are buying at garage sales and such). If you don't have the kind of vacuum cleaner needed to take the air out of them... just mosey on down to the car wash and use that ultra powerful vacuum cleaner! I think they were $12.95 for a box of three bags but well worth the money... and they can be re-used.

I listened to Neal Cavuto talking with some other financial experts this morning on Fox... while doing dishes. My ears perked up when I heard them give various opinions about the availability of food in the future. If I heard correctly (I was running water at the time), they all thought there were going to be food shortages even here in the USA which will mean continuing higher prices in the future. That group rarely agrees on anything... How happy I am that God is my provider! I have a small budget and a small house so I can only do what I'm able... and trust Him for the rest.

Do feel free to leave a comment or suggestion on any of the Recession Proofing posts. There have been great ideas, I incorporated a few today. I have the laundry in a basket and draped over a chair... waiting until I rest and have an afternoon snack (and perhaps some tea)... my reward to sticking with the daily chores until they were almost finished. It has been cold and rainy here which means putting a throw around me and curling up on my bed with fluffed up pillows to re-read Elizabeth George's book about the Proverbs 31 woman (title given in my sidebar). I have two of her books going right now, there is a reason she is one of my favorites. :)

I am not fearful of the future but I am doing what I can, using some of my money earned at the bookstore (and the tax check) to deepen the pantry a bit and get some needed maintenance accomplished. The deck has been power cleaned but it has been too rainy to continue staining. I'm keeping an eye on the priority list for other necessities as the funds are provided (the tax check and my paycheck from working last week). I have added getting my sewing machine serviced and hubby added having Culligan check our under- the- sink filters. God continues to lead me toward great bargains to stretch our income as well as gifts received (C.'s summer school expenses at the community college have been provided~!!).

All we can do is... what we can do. I know on the days I do not take the time to spend in the Word and talking to Him, that is when I begin to get tense. There is the real priority. :)

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freetobeme said...

You inspire me to get back at my spring cleaning. Your ideas on shopping ahead are so right on. I'm so glad I found your blog. I do thank God for His Word! It's a good feeling to be sister's in Christ.

Maggie Ann said...

I think cleaning and organizing has to spring from a cheerful outlook and a day with plenty of me, anyway. When my energy levels are low, forget it!

breaths of the heart said...

Very encouraging and inspiring! I just stumbled upon your blog.. and know that it was no accident!

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

I like the phrase "all we can do is all we can do."

I did buy extra flour and sugar and those cooking staples that you spoke of last week. Now I'll have to start looking for the sales and stocking up here and there. My own hometown grocery does pretty well with sale items so I'll be sure to watch for them.

My grandson was saving his M&Ms yesterday tucking them into corners of the sofa and retrieving them. My son said that he was "hoarding" and I corrected him saying that he was setting some back. LOL!

Oh, my son said that there are a lot of characters and he finds that confusing sometimes, but he also said that he likes all the action thus far.

Happy Mother's Day!

Niki RuralWritings said...

my very favourite E. George book is A Woman After God's Own Heart. I've re-read it several times, if you haven't read it yet, I can recommend it. I've enjoyed the recession proofing posts, good, plain, do-able, common sense ideas!