Thursday, April 17, 2008

Resting with a book and tea

There is something I forgot about spring... and lawn work... and being middle aged. The need for BenGay on aching muscles. My right arm has given me trouble for years, ever since I developed "homeschool mom muscle pull" from taking too many books out of the library in my Longaberger market basket. :)

Actually, my husband and I have been able to get some teamwork going and it has worked out quite well. Since he is deathly allergic to leaf mold (he and both my children), I rake the layer of dead leaves off of the areas all by the fence (most of which is beautifully landscaped by a previous owner).

I make certain there are no rocks or big sticks in the leaves and he goes over them with the mulching mower (while wearing a mask he special orders). They all go into the bag attached to the mower and are either placed on the compost pile or walked out to the county road and dumped in a ditch. (Don't worry, when one lives at the edge of a forest it is a completely natural thing to do.)

We've mostly been working in the morning and a little in the evening but tonight I wanted to make a nice dinner so I did all my pruning in early afternoon. Now is the time to get to all the bushes so I can cut them back (especially the two bushes which grow by the air conditioner) and I can see what is sprouting and what is dead on those by our Eastern fence line.

As I pruned the dead branches on some of the bushes by the fence today, I couldn't help but think of the John 15... how Jesus is the Vine and we are the branches... what a difference between those with life and those which break when I touch them because they have no life in them. I know there are times I feel dead like those branches, ready to snap at the slightest touch (or sideway glance). When I've absorbed the Word and listened to His Voice, I can be like those branches bearing the beginnings of beautiful leaves and blossoms.

My husband walked out to join me in the backyard yesterday only to find me raking and sobbing... sobbing and raking. For I was raking the leaves from under the dogwood tree, where my beloved Storm is laid to rest. There is a rather big rock there, a headstone so to speak, placed there by my husband after he buried her so we would always know where she lay. We plan to place flowers in the area this year. How I miss that furry friend of seventeen years.

I'm off now to brew some chamomile tea, for... like Peter Rabbit's mother... I know it is a good thing when one is tired and not quite feeling well. Christopher is studying Chemistry in town, hubby is watching the White Sox in the family room, Sasha appears to have claimed the living room sofa for the evening (although I would move her if I wanted it), so I'm going to curl up on my bed with the tea and read a little of Beth Moore's book, A Heart Like His, which I found at the thrift shop last week.

First I have to look for the BenGay.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Brenda,
You've been very productive and are most deserving of that tea and book time.

Hope your muscles feel better soon. I'm sorry for your time of tears but I am sure it was needed. I bet some flowers would be lovely for your loved furry one. ((hugs))

DebD said...

Oh, but it must be good muscle aches. Every year it seems I need more Advil to dull the aches.

I'm a hot bath and a book type person when I'm feeling the way you do helps to melt away the stiffness.

Enjoy your quiet evening.

marye said...

Brenda..enjoy your tea.

Gumbo Lily said...

Like you, whenever I am out gardening or trimming trees or turning the soil, I am always reminded of scripture.....sowing seeds, pruning, reaping, wheat and the tares.

I've been noticing more muscle aches lately too. I hate to complain, but......perhaps I'll just get some Ben Gay too.

Lovely post.

Suze said...

Oh do I know what you mean! I've been trying to tame a morning glory vine that took over our yard (we live where there is no frost to kill it). After an afternoon of pulling and yanking and digging, I need Alleve and Biofreeze (which is better than BenGay) and my heating pad. I forget I'm middle aged too - and try to do too much.

zetor said...

Hope the aches are improving today.I , too love chamomile tea. I didn't realise 'Peter's 'mother liked it too.

freetobeme said...

I enjoy your blogs so much. I've got to do some raking today. My husband can't rake any more...this is a whole new phase of our lives. He's a cancer survivor so I'm just thankful to still have him.

Bax said...

You have been very busy..which makes for those sore muscles! I hit the hot tub when my muscles start in...or a bath with epsom salts! Helps so much! Your kids and husband wouldn't have problems with the leaf allergies where I live...No leaves! LOL! Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say I have been dropping by every morning for a year or so and really enjoy your blog I dont even know enough about computers to know if i have an account or what my name is in blog land!!!!well we will see if this prints if it does then I will have learned something!

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Little bit by little bit, you're getting it all done.

Ben Gay is a new friend of mine, too. I only wish that he smelled better.

Loved the reminder of the verse that reminds me that without Him, we can do nothing.

Have a fine day and a wonderful supper!

Nanny said...

My Mother lost her 15 year old fur kid this past winter. This has me trying to think what I can do for her because I know that she mourns even though she is very private about it.

Maybe the Lord will show me something in time for Mother's Day!

You have a blessed spring day!

Firefly Nights said...

I'm sure you miss Storm very much. We buried our Jack Russell Terrier Riley in the front yard and will eventually finish a flower garden over him. It's been four years and we miss him a lot.