Friday, April 18, 2008

A lick and a promise

That's what my mother's generation called a very quick cleaning of the house. That's what I did all day... a little work on the lawn, a little work organizing the garage, a little decluttering here and there... nothing very in-depth in any area.

I remember reading the origin of the saying at one point but it has completely slipped my mind now. So have a lot of other things, come to think of it. It is a good thing we do not have tele-blogging because I'm sitting here yawning right now. Knowing how contagious that can be, you all would be reading and yawning... reading and yawning.

It isn't all that late but for some reason, I'm quite sleepy. Perhaps it is this warmer weather? I'm really wanting to read for awhile but it isn't looking good... perhaps I should try some tea with caffeine. Then watch me be up until 1:00 am! There is nothing I want to read quite that badly right now.

We didn't feel all the shaking going on early this morning, living in a rather secure brick house. However, quite a few people in our area were awakened... with some even having items moved on shelves. The locals newscasters are saying they are getting reports of unusual behaviour in animals. Sasha has been acting strange all day, almost like a clingy toddler.

We've been thinking of getting earthquake insurance for awhile since we had it on our former house. We don't live near the New Madrid fault but we're in an area where there could be minor damage, should the Midwest version of "the big one" hit. Our neighbor is an insurance adjuster with our insurance company (that certainly is handy). She said we can still get earthquake insurance but you can't for thirty days if you live within 100 miles of the epicenter. We're making a call in the morning!

There are so many words going through my mind right now, lots one could share. However, I think the nerve impulses... or that part of the brain which tells the hands what letters to type... have gone to sleep already. I'll be back tomorrow, Lord willing and we have no more shaking!


Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

I laughed reading your comment about the caffeinated tea and being up until 1 for that's exactly what I did. I drank tea at 8 pm and didn't go to bed until after 1 and have been up since
5:30. I think that there'll be a nap this afternoon for certain.

Days spent puttering are the best of all. Don't overdo in any area, but just keep plugging away, which reminds me that I have a garage in need of help.

freetobeme said...

We didn't feel any quaking but on the news last evening they showed an older couple who felt it and watched it! They showed their china cabinet which if FULL OF Bone China cups and saucers. They were so beautiful. What a shame it would be if they were all dumped on the floor! But, I must keep the right perspective...Bone China can be replaced, lives can't be.

smilnsigh said...

I just had one of those... 'want to sleep all day and night' days, on Sunday. Was going to *blame* it on the Full Moon. :-) At least, this Full Moon, I didn't have much of anything else, to blame on it.


Firefly Nights said...

We had an earthquake here in Virginia about four years ago. Only one I've ever felt. Kind of unusual here. Don't know why, but I didn't see your earthquake in the news but I've read about it on several blogs.

Unfortunately, tornados aren't too unusual anymore. We had four in a different part of the state today.