Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Oh, the weather outside is frightful

The people here in the house with me may be delightful (most of the time) but I am not going to sing a rendition of Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow. I was driving home in near blizzard conditions this afternoon (on top of about thirty minutes accumulation of sleet before turning to snow) and I am very happy to be safe and sound within the cozy confines of my house.

I didn't wake up this morning with the intent of going anywhere. Actually, I had left butter and cream cheese out overnight so I could start some baking this morning. My day took a different turn when Christopher (who was laying on the sofa with a 102 degree fever for the second day) remembered they were going to prepare for a midterm in one of his classes today. To make a very long story short, his dad and I ended up driving him to the college and back just so he could attend this class. I must say, I wondered if this was wise as we were driving home with the ice and snow.

I did come home with a few books from the Goodwill store near the college (where I ran into my friend Linda, well not literally). I found three excellent kids' books and a Betty Crocker Christmas cookbook that is full of delicious recipes and pictures. Of course, I also had to peruse the cooking and decorating books at the college library and I had to bring three of them home with me (including The Barefoot Contessa Cooks at Home). For those who have followed my ponderings since the beginning, before Christopher had his driver's license and I spent a great deal of my life in libraries waiting for him, it was like old times waiting in that particular library.

I'm going to continue my reading of Bill Bright's The Journey Home this evening. I love this book! No wonder I've heard so many good things about it. The fact it would be a great book for anyone facing terminal illness (or a family member) is obvious. What surprised me was how good it has been for me as one who has walked through serious trials and a chronic illness. No one has a perfect life so everyone would benefit from this story of how one of God's Generals in this time prepared himself to meet the Master he loved so much. Excellent little book! I have Bill Bright's biography on one of my bookshelves, it has made me want to read it soon.

I know there were other things to chat about running through my mind. However, they seemed to have slid right off their track into that area where such thoughts end up... which happens a lot more than it did before hitting middle age. :) I think it is time to grab a throw, find a sofa, and enjoy looking at the "weather" from this side of the window.


Anonymous said...

Hi Brenda!
I've been reading-just haven't commented for awhile.
I hope you have a good week. I'll be thinking of you from sunny and warm California. (hee...hee..)
joanna :)

Paula in MN said...

I have also lurked for awhile. I love your blog! I can alos appreciate your weather - I'm in Central Minnesota and itching to garde but we are still buried under a few feet of snow. I have the Barefoot Contessa book and really enjoy it. My new favorite baking cookbook is by the woman who has won more Blue Ribbons at the MN State Fair than anyone. She is a character, but man can she bake. The name of the book is "Blue Ribbon Baking" and he website is blueribbonbaking.com. I saved for sevearal months before buying, as I am also on very tight budget. I guarantee that her book is worth price!

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Sorry that your weather has been lousy, too. We got the sleet and freezing rain overnight. I can't imagine being out in it!

Thank you for sharing your critique of "The Journey Home." It sounds as if it would be excellent for the winter of our lives. My mother copes with chronic pain as well so I will look for it. We need all the inspiration that we can get!

Susan said...

Last night I drove home in a snow storm (very slippery) and we woke up to several inches of snow. I try to imagine what spring is like.
~Susan in Michigan