Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My favorite tea cup

La Tea Da at Gracious Hospitality is hosting a wonderful Hospital-i-Tea Blog-a-Thon. This week we are to share a picture (and a story if there is one) of our favorite tea cup.

Fortunately, I had a picture of my favorite tea cup already on my blog so I could "bring it up" to show you again. This is the teacup I use every day and the only one that is in my kitchen cabinet among the heavy coffee mugs.

It may be difficult to see in this photo but it has roses with greenery on it, it is large enough for a good cup of tea, and I love the "feel"... a little like bone china but stronger. There is a story behind it, too. :)

I had seen this china pattern at an antique store in Michigan and thought it so pretty. One day a few years ago, when we were still living in the rented town house (surrounded by drunks and drug addicts), I was out for my daily walk. The apartment complex which housed the town house used to be very "upscale" so it was in a very nice neighborhood (they did not like what the apartment complex had become... obviously).

It was a joy to walk by the gorgeous homes in this subdivision. One day I headed out with a little bit of money in my pocket (this was a rare thing since my husband was not yet approved for S.S. Disability). I walked by a garage sale and I immediately knew the woman was a kindred spirit by the teacups alone (not to mention silver items, snowmen, etc.).

There... among all the beautiful china and silver priced at a bargain but far above what I could afford... were two place settings of that china I had adored at the antique store in Michigan. Two place settings... dinner plate... cup... saucer... together for $5.00... the amount I could spend.

It was as if God was there, giving me a little kiss on the cheek, and telling me He was bringing a little "something special, something pretty, something elegant" into my world which was at the time... extremely painful and dark.

I had no way of knowing that He was already at work to provide a way of escape from that horrible location... the miracle of purchasing our house in the country. But as He has done so often, He gave me beauty in the midst of that darkness.

If you look beside that tea cup, there is the cutest little bear. I found her at my favorite antique store downtown for $7.00! She is sitting in a comfy chair, with a cup of either hot tea or coffee, and a stack of books. I believe if you click on the picture, it will show her a little better. She was another "gift" of God... discovered tucked away on a shelf in that little antique store and at a price I could afford. As soon as I saw it, I thought "It looks like ME"... only with fur, well... not real fur. :)

If you want something fun to do and have just a little "extra" time... find the archive section of Gracious Hospitality (on the side bar) and start from the beginning to read some of the most beautiful posts about tea, hospitality, flowers, etc. to be found in Blogland. There is a reason this is one of the first blogs I ever bookmarked! Not to mention meeting a person just as lovely as her blog.

Even better... join in and let us all see your favorite teacup!


La Tea Dah said...

Brenda, what a beautiful post. . .and a lovely way to start my day (by reading it!). Thank you so much for sharing from your heart and expressing how God has provided with even the little things in life (like the cute little bear). Your teacup is beautiful and the story behind it makes it doubly so. I'm so glad you joined the blog-a-thon and I look forward to your future posts as well. Enjoy a blessed day!


Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Loved reading about your beautiful teacup. It really is a pretty one and looks more substantial than the fussier ones with a nice handle.

God's good. He really is and He cares about the little things like teacups, which is pretty amazing when I think about it.

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Meant that to say that your teacup has a nice handle not that fussier ones have a nice handle. Writing can be such a challenge! ;>

Carrie said...

A wonderful post.

Anonymous said...

How fortunate for you to have come upon that particular yard sale.

Anonymous said...

I loved your post. Your teacup is beautiful. God always looks out for us and I loved the way you expressed that in your story.

Gina E. said...

It's all a matter of being in the right place at the right time! I know, it's happened to me. Lovely cup set and touching story.

ellen b said...

Brenda what a wonderful post about your tea cup and more. God is so good to us. Blessings...

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

What a beautiful tea cup! I enjoyed reading the story about it, and the way the Lord blessed you in bad times.


Laura of Harvest Lane said...

God is just so good!
He gives us great gifts.
I'm in a bad situation right now. Your comments about God at work to move you were a blessing to me. May He bless you richly!

Laura of Harvest Lane
Happy at Home

Grace Yaskovic said...

Beautiful story and its so much fun getting to know new people through the blog-a thon