Friday, March 14, 2008

Cake in the oven, all is well with the world

I have just a few minutes free time after putting a Cream Cheese Pound Cake in the oven. I was going to do something different with it this time (perhaps orange extract) but I decided frosting it with chocolate butter cream frosting would be a good idea... so I stayed with the usual vanilla.

Actually, I looked a lot like the lady in this picture as I spent the morning deciding what to make today. Since I already had the cream cheese softened and I was feeling quite tired from running errands (to the grocery store and the Post Office with the usual long wait in line), choosing to make the cake rather than cookies became an easy choice. I'll make cookies to send to the book store with Christopher another day.

I'm feeling much better but still getting tired easily. I shouldn't be surprised with all the illness this winter! Stephanie called last night to tell me baby Matthew has pneumonia. Thankfully he is doing much better today. We talked about the miracle of modern medicine. I remembered when she came down with Scarlett Fever around age four or five. That diagnoses would have been a death sentence a century ago but she quickly recovered... as is that cute grandson of mine.

Believe me, this child knew from the get-go how to get to his Grammie. :) When they visited last June, he was still in the newborn stage and he'd sit in my arms and just gaze at me. Uh, huh... that is all it took. So, I am very happy to know he is eating and drinking (as well as showing his dimples) again.

While talking last night, the older kids had started up their Pride & Prejudice DVD. Which reminded me of a previous conversation, when she told me the children liked to play pretend... including going "to town". However, the town they were going to was Bath or London, hehehe.

I wrote yesterday of my sticker shock at the gas station. Today I had something similar happen at the grocery store. I often will purchase a favorite donut for the guys when I'm at this particular store. However, they have just raised their price for each donut from 50 cents to 68 cents! Yikes... I knew bread had gone up a lot but this is showing the increased price of wheat, too.

I've thought about sharing some ideas of what we did right and wrong both during the last big recession and when we faced no income for a year. I don't want to come across as a "know it all" because frankly, we learned more from what we did wrong than right (isn't that the way it usually is?). Perhaps I'll share some ponderings about getting Recession Proof soon.

Now I must start a late dinner. The Big Ten guy's tournament starts this evening so I think I'll leave my husband to watch basketball while I read in another room. He likes to uh... help the referees... if you know what I mean. Perhaps ear plugs are in order, too. In our state, basketball is practically a religion (if I were catty I'd say something about idolatry but I'd probably be tarred and feathered or something).


Shan said...

LOL!!!! My husband is a "helper" of the highest sort. He also likes to "help" newscasters....oh dear!

I would absolutely love a post on your experience with recession proof ideas! I cannot believe the cost of things. We just called our phone company and "re-packaged" our phone service/wireless to save a little. Next, we are changing our satellite service to something more affordable. Unfortunately, we don't get any reception here at all, so we need something for the news, etc.

I could use your help!!

Honey Hill Farm

Diane said...

I've been lurking for quite some time as I noticed your link from Sally Clarkson's blog! I must say I really enjoy your blog and have something to ponder each time I visit. Thanks!
The recession has hit here in Canada as well. The bread we normally buy has gone up tremendously!

Quinne said...

Hi Brenda :) It's a joy to read that you are feeling a little better, and I love to imagine all the yummy treats that you bake.

Please do share your tips with us when you can. Love, Q

Tammy said...

Miss Brenda, if your tiredness continues, along with that achy feeling, please check with your doctor about screening Fibromyalgia. I went almost a year and half with extreme fatigue and achiness after a bout with the flu, thinking I just had a lingering virus.

It's always a joy to come visit here. Please yake good care of YOU, too!

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

I must bake a cake today soon and I'll be taking a good look at the one you've linked. It'll either be that or the Sock-It-To-Me cake.

Great idea to post about recession coping. I know that you'll have a few good tricks to share.

Yay for the grandbaby feeling better, and you, too.

Get plenty of rest this weekend!