Tuesday, February 05, 2008

A two nap kind of day

I feel like such a sluggard! I took a half an hour nap this morning and then slept right through the sound of the timer going off this afternoon! I guess I am still recovering from the flu (and two nights of less sleep). I have to take Christopher to his classes tomorrow since I have a doctor's appointment but he doesn't have to be there until 9:00. I can sleep in a little! Since this time I'm not having any bloodwork done, I can stop for a good cup of coffee.

So... it is after 7:00 pm and dinner is just now ready to take out of the oven. Actually, it is working out just fine. Christopher is also late getting home today. It is pouring down rain outside but much better driving weather than the heavy fog of yesterday. He was able to drive home last night, even though he hit zero visibility fog about five minute from home. He only knew he was coming to the stop sign to turn onto our county road because he goes over a small bridge just before he stops.

I made a quiche from one of my favorite cookbooks, Karey Swan's Hearth and Home (which is familiar to a lot of homeschoolers). I still have a lot of cookbooks, even after getting rid of many through the years. Most of the remaining are those I do go back to as reference once in awhile, a few are kept for sentimental reasons, and there are those that have gorgeous pictures that make them so much fun to look through. I can sit down and read a cookbook with as much enjoyment as many novels, especially one like Hearth and Home where the author has a lot of prose and stories.

Even with the naps I was able to get a few loads of laundry accomplished and quite a bit of the dining table cleared. Now I only have dishes that I need to pack and put away. My husband cleaned out our front coat closet today. He found a pair of gloves I thought I'd lost (the pair Stephanie's mother-in-law gave me). I loved those gloves and have no idea how they found their way to the bottom corner of my closet (blush!).

Now I must plate up a bacon mushroom quiche and homemade fried potatoes. That will make my son and hubby happy. I used my new Cusinart saute pan and it works beautifully.

Oh... before I forget... the picture in the recent post is not of my property but is in our area. I know I wax poetic about my beloved Midwest at other times of the year but I also love the scenery in winter. There is a beautiful but uh... rustic... farm about a mile or two from me. The outdoor buildings are an old barn red... really. It is breathtakingly beautiful after a big snow (when you don't see the rust on each roof). :)


Terri said...

I will have to look up that Cookbook you mentioned. Why is it a particular favorite of homeschoolers?

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Two naps for me yesterday, too. It does make one feel a bit like a sluggard, but as they say, "The body doesn't lie." If we need the sleep, we shouldn't feel guilty.

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

Karey Swan is a popular speaker at homeschool conventions. Her husband is also a speaker (he is a geologist).