Saturday, February 23, 2008

Tired, just tired...

I am now realizing that getting over that "stuff" going around this winter takes awhile.

Since Hubby was Up North and Son was at work, I did a little thrift shopping before heading for the grocery store today. I found two summer tops at Goodwill ($3.99 and $1.99) since I had time to look carefully through hundreds of blouses. When I finished there, the roads were beginning to clear so I drove Downtown to my favorite antique store which sells a combination expensive antiques and inexpensive vintage items. For just a little over $10.00, I came away with three pieces of vintage linens, the book The Scented Room, and an Emilie Barnes decorating book.

I love shopping in that store, it is a delight for the senses. There is stuff everywhere you look from the floor to the ceiling. The owner is always willing to come down on prices (if the item is one of hers and not on consignment). The book was marked $6.00 but she gave it to me for $2.00 (and the Emilie Barnes paperback in perfect condition... "Let's make it $1.00", she said). As she was folding the white tablecloth, embroidered with red designs around the edge ($3.00!), she kept commenting on how pretty it will look on my deck table this summer. (She isn't psychic, I told her where I planned to use it.) No wonder her store is always crowded with customers.

While downtown, I slipped into the tiny store that sells my favorite primitive country items and always smells like an old country store of the past. My eyes saw a lot that would have been easy to take home with me. Just the artwork alone takes my breath away. However, this time I came away with empty hands... not even a candle or a tart warmer. I have enough of them right now. I'll remember the aroma, the sights, the sounds... and save money.

So, what does all of this have to do with a couple bouts with the flu? Well... by the time I reached the grocery store, I felt like I had run a marathon. I was tempted to forget my list and arrive home with a half a gallon of milk and some bananas. That wouldn't be wise in the long run. An hour later I was carrying bags of groceries through the snow and stomping my feet on the porch so I didn't track in any accumulation. This went on until all the bags were sitting on my kitchen floor waiting for their individual attention.

Why hadn't I done this when I could have someone go with me and help me in the house? Oh yes... the snow and the and on all week. Whimper... I just want a nap. Once everything that needed immediate attention was put away and I had a chance to have a small meal, I vaguely remember my head reaching one end of my sofa and pulling a comforter up over my shoulders. There was someone interesting being interviewed on Book TV but I don't think I caught but a couple of sentences before going into a sound sleep.

I awoke at almost 6:00, just in time to set the breakfast dishes to soaking and catch the local weather on the little TV. Everything is clean and shiny and put back in order, ready for the remainder of the family to return. Hubby is somewhere between Chicago and here... but on his way home. Christopher had dinner with his best friend before running home to grab his books and join another friend to study. Sasha is taking it all in... stretched out on the living room sofa. All she wants is someone to sit down long enough to give her some much needed itchies. Sometimes cats seem to know what life is all about.

I'm off to make some tea and locate a piece of remaining Valentine's Day chocolate. Once they are in place in the family room, I'm planning on cuddling up in that comforter again and finding something good on TV. Normally Christopher has the family room on Saturday evening. Hmmm... I'll have to see what I have been missing. I'll enjoy the silence for an hour or two until the doorbell rings (for I know my husband forgot his keys again). It will be good to just sit... and heal.


Abounding Treasures said...


Your Goodwill shopping spree sounded fabulous ~ I'd love stores like that in my town but alas, we've only got a couple of small 2nd hand places where you 'might' find a treasure once in a blue moon:-)

Hope you're feeling back to your old self sooner than later.

I have been enjoying your blog for awhile now but haven't left a post. I find it feels like I'm sitting in a comfy chair with a cup of tea and visiting with you :-)

Dallas [aka Mrs M]

Kelly said...

As I read the comment from *abounding treasure* I had to chuckle because that was going to be my very first line in my comment, haha! I never ever get to any of the good items in my must have some sweet places there.....I myself am in Chicago, and it is pretty mild here today, safe travels for your Husband, and I pray if you should be resting comfortably he stumbles upon his keys!!


Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

You did very well to carry on with grocery shopping after all the fun shopping. Great finds!

I had to shop yesterday and decided that milk, bread, and half and half for my coffee would do nicely for the week. LOL!

Here's to a relaxing Sunday for you and yours.

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

I have the book The Scented Room and haven't looked at it in years. I remember how much I enjoyed it and will go look at it this afternoon....Have a blessed Sunday, Brenda, you and all your family.

the feathered nest said...

That antique store sounds like such a fabulous and fun place! I love places like that. Ones that are so full of stuff that when you find something you really like you truly feel like you've discovered a treasure!

Get some rest, it does take a while to be back at 100% when you're recovering from something like the flu.