Friday, February 22, 2008

A late Friday night update

I'm finally able to write from my own computer again! It came home a couple days ago. Christopher was able to get me (my computer) communicating with the wireless system again this evening. It was in his best interest so he'd have full use of his own computer again. He hasn't had time to locate the original hard drive. It is here someplace but who knows where?

He tells me my computer has a different "feel" to it. It is more masculine rather than feminine. Perhaps because it is faster and stronger. It certainly no longer has the inside of an e-machine. It is missing all my old headings, bookmarks, etc. I expect they are in the belly of that missing hard drive. I'm told it is there, among the wires and such... waiting to be found again. Judging from how busy the only computer geek in the family is, it may take awhile. I'm just glad to be back online.

We had unexpected company due to very bad weather. My husband's brother was suppose to drive to our place from Indianapolis and they would continue on to their hometown (close to Chicago) to take care of family business. Instead, he arrived far later than we had anticipated and suggested they not attempt driving any further tonight. Christopher also had a very difficult time driving home but he was able to stop by the grocery store for me and purchase salads and sandwiches for dinner (I had not intended to cook this evening so nothing was defrosted).

The roads are suppose to be much better tomorrow. The brothers will get on the Interstate early in the morning. I'm so ready for Spring this year. It has been a horrible winter, especially travel conditions (not to mention illness!). My mind was already planning what flowers to plant in containers and near the house this Spring as I watched more snow falling all afternoon. Tomorrow will be beautiful as sunshine makes the new fallen snow sparkle in the trees. However, I've had enough sparkle. I need warm sun and clear roads.

I know there is more to chat about but my eyes are drooping and my brain is shutting down for the day. Time to turn off my "old friend", even if she now has a he mentality. That will need pondering for awhile. ??? It's too late to think. Must get to bed. See you later.


Quinne said...

Hi Brenda :) Celebrating your computer's return with you! I hope that your weekend is a lovely one. Love, Q

DebD said...

Woo Hoo! on getting your computer back. How very nice for you (and Christopher).

Stay warm and safe. We escaped the bad ice storm this time, but it had been expected to be worse.

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

Brenda, I am very happy that you have your computer back.But perhaps you can merely rename it "Powerful Katrinka" and tell your son that some women are fast (in the best sense) and strong! I am with you, very ready for spring. But I have a witch hazel which blooms right outside my window, even as I write. It's Hammamelis vernalis and just about the only thing which blooms in Ohio in February. The flowers are insignificant burnt sienna shreds and tatters, but the scent is warm and spicy. If you have forsythia you can cut branches and bring them inside and into bloom in warm water. That usually brightens up my home in late winter. We just have to hold on a little longer. Spring IS on the way! Isn't it a blessing to live in part of the world with such wonderful four seasons!

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

How wonderful to have your own computer back again, even if you don't recognize it. May you be able to find everything that you're missing more easily than you'd even hoped!