Thursday, January 03, 2008

On assuring people I'm still alive

I TRIED to write this past week, really I did. However, I never made it within ten feet of a computer. Now I know why my daughter started a blog and never was able to write beyond the introduction. :)

We had lots of fun together, it is always good to see Stephanie and have some "girl time". The four little ones were cute and we were able to bond once again. We also were able to spend much more time with our son-in-law than we have in past years since he didn't have to go on campus to work while here. However, there was also lots of headaches and cranky people as the kids could only go outside one day. My son-in-law's allergies to cats normally haven't caused him serious problems while visiting. This time they did so the poor guy was actually having asthma symptoms! They decided to leave for home one day early so he can... breathe.

However, that is what life is all about. We take the good with the bad and the pleasure within the struggle. Once we look back and sift through memories, they are of the good times. Well, perhaps J. will remember not being able to get a breath! In the long run, four children ages five and under did very well. Each child has such an individual personality and Grammie and Granddad enjoyed having them here.

Once the kids were put to bed each evening, I went to my bedroom and read so Stephanie could take The Mom Walk and her book about Jane Austin back to New England. I highly recommend The Mom Walk even to people who are not married or have children. It's really a book about the struggles Sally has gone through and how God has worked in her life.

I will be able to write more often although not daily until about a week and a half from now. This starts one of my busy times at the bookstore (ten to twelve straight days of working!). After that, I will once again work rarely for awhile.

I'm off for work now. Please forgive any typos and grammar mistakes!


Quinne said...

Hi Brenda :) So glad that you all had a nice visit! Four little sweeties under five is a bundle of energy and fun - what a joy! I will be praying with you as you work, hoping that you will have lovely days. Love, Q

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Did you say four under five? Wowzer! And I thought it was interesting having two under two! LOL!

Fun to read about your time spent together and I hope that your dsil feels better very soon.

Buck up for those long hours...I think blogging will help with that, don't you?

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

Four kids ages five and under. The oldest is almost six. :)

DebD said...

Glad you are well and so sorry that the family had to leave early for allergies.

My first four are similarly dispersed.

Anonymous said...

I had my 5 children in 6 1/2 years. Those were hard times. My dh was a truck driver so he was gone most of the week. I wouldn't want to go back to those days for anything, but it's funny how time softens the hardness of memories-I see pictures of my kids from then and I get tears in my eyes from missing those ages. (!)
I know Stephanie's hands are really full right now, but the time passes so quickly. People would say that to me then and I would laugh it off-I didn't believe it at ALL. One lady even told me I would look back and miss those days. I almost got mad-what a nut! Was she crazy?!! But it's true!! My girls are 15 months apart and I was so upset that I was pregnant again. I was nursing but still conceived when my baby girl (after 3 boys) was only 6 months old. I really was angry about it. I'm ashamed of my feelings now, but that's how hard things were.
Now I love my girls being so close in age-it's almost like having twins. I would do it all over again, but I would never have thought so at the time!
Sorry to ramble. I haven't commented much lately. :)
I missed your tea time last weekend. I hope you write one tomorrow. (hint....hee...hee..)
Love ya!

charlotte said...

brenda....i found you while i was blog browsing and something stopped me........held me captive and captured the feelings in my heart.......i too collect tea cups, but now have stopped for the lack of space, i love tea things and have tea parties with my nieces and daughters.......even my son on his birthday for breakfast, just he and i. however it is your search for peace in the midst of chaos.......your heart for Jesus that has blessed me. believe me i may not comment but i will visit with you often.......perhaps even brew a cup of liquid gold and stop by for a glimpse of inspiration. you truly have blessed me!!!!!!!!!!!

Dinah Soar said...

I have serious cat allergies which are a problem when we visit our son and dil---if I use Astelin (which is an Rx nasal spray ) and Nasonex (also an Rx nasal spray) the two medications keep me symptom free--no small feat since my allergy is severe. I've tried other things with no relief. I use the Astelin per instructions then about half an hour later use the Nasonex per beautifully. I am treated at the Vanderbilt (Nashville TN) Allergy/Sinus/Asthma Program clinic. They said often a single medicatin alone won't work but in tandem they will.