Friday, December 28, 2007

Blessings in chaos

I awoke yesterday morning to a house in chaos as I had pulled most of the Christmas decorations together and left them in the middle of two rooms (to be placed in their storage containers as the day progressed).

That in itself would have been a huge day but we also had to toddler proof the house, go by the licence branch, stop by the grocery store, act as chauffeur, and help with a household project. It was one of those mornings when I wanted to go back to bed, pull the cover over my head, and sleep (or read) all day. Fortunately, I survived.

My family arrived late last night after a sixteen hour drive. The children were too excited to go to bed right away so they opened Christmas presents (as we did ours from them!) and enjoyed having the entire family back again. We girls (Grammie, Mommy, Faith, and Miss E.) had a little tea party this afternoon with teacups they could take home with them, Candy Cane Lane tea, and tiny bagels and cream cheese that their mommy had cut into little hearts with a cookie cutter. It was quite enjoyable.

The next few days will be full of family activities as well as a FULL house... Grammie and Mommy will be in the kitchen most evenings. Tonight we're ordering pizza as we all had a busy day.

I'm looking forward to reading two books Stephanie brought me, Sally's book (The Mom Walk) which Steph reviewed a couple days ago (it looks so good) and a book called The Christian Imagination... subtitled The Practice of Faith in Literature and Writing. It looks... amazing. Stephanie says it is "a little deep" so I plan to save it for reading when it is a tad more quiet.

I love having the entire family together but even good times can bring stress. Like having a teething baby cry all night... yawn. However, he is the sweetest and cuddliest little guy. What is a little sleep in return for kissing baby cheeks, having tea with two little girls, and watching my four year old grandson with a pretend sword and shield telling me he is the "protector of his sisters"?

I can sleep in February.


NanaTrish said...

Your day sounds delightful! I had a great day with my granddaughter too. We went to the museum and watched National Treasure.Now we are all into history and making a project for her class. Your pizza idea sounds grand. Do get some rest, but I always say...I will rest in heaven. Love your blog

Heather L. said...

I'm so glad your family is there! how special! Can't wait to look for those books you mentioned! The Christian Imagination sounds very intriguing!
We had a lovely family Christmas although all 11 of us in the extended family (except two kids) came down with the stomach bug as a result! Ugh! I think it is almost over....

lady laura said...

It sounds like a lovely time already! I hope the rest of your visit is even more enjoyable.

Blessings to you!

molly jean said...

Tiring but sounds wornderful; I am looking forward to grandmothering some day!

~Pam~ said...

Hello! I haven't been to your blog is ages. I am so glad your family is there, how fun!
How blessed you are that you have your grandkids there.


nannykim said...

Yes--I know what you mean about toddler proofing the house. We had to do that this year also!! My daughter forgot her gate so we closed the doors to half of the house. Her 14 month old will climb everything in site and we have a staircase on one part of he house. The house looked like a tornado hit it while they were hear and the toddler was teething and had a cold---but enjoyable non the less!!!

Terri said...

Stopping by to wish you a healthy and joyous New Year!
God bless.

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

Dear Brenda,

I wish you a happy New Year and hope you are well...It is unusual for you to post nothing for so long. I hope it is because you are enjoying a joyful family time over the holiday time.

Becky K. said...

There is nothing quite like a houseful of family to bring happiness and love...and chaos!
Becky K.

Anonymous said...

I loved the Mom Walk book! Hope you enjoy it also! Happy New Year!