Monday, January 21, 2008

Oh, do I need a trip to Starbucks

I love my family, really I do. However, there are times I just need to get away to enjoy peace and quiet, a latte (when the funds are available)... and a place where nobody knows my name (with apologies to Cheers). How I miss having "wheels"!

We still haven't heard from our mechanic so Christopher is depending on friends for the necessary rides. I'm getting a lot accomplished at home... sort of... I did something to hurt my left arm a couple days ago and it has caused pain whenever I move it. What did I do? Who knows... I've found since turning 50 just a couple years ago that aches and pains can come from nowhere.

It isn't even the arm where I usually have some aching. That one was injured about ten years ago. My doctor said it was from taking too many books back and forth from the library in my Market basket. You've heard of tennis elbow? I had Homeschool Mom's elbow. :)

We're still waiting on our computer to be fixed. The bad news is the last motherboard they ordered didn't work, either. The good news is they absolutely know that is the only thing wrong with it so we're just awaiting the next motherboard to arrive. They had four e-machines with the exact same problem. We're not buying that brand again, with just a little more money we could have something much better.

Our Gateway was a workhorse of a computer (purchased in 1998 and giving out just a couple years ago). I'm typing away on a Dell. I want a Mac, having worked on one before. However, I'm married to a PC guy who (in spite of being a former engineer) doesn't like computers as it is. Learning a Mac would send him over the edge.

I appreciate the response to yesterday's Sunday Afternoon Tea. The story about how we came to buy our little house is on the sidebar... titled Laying My Issac Down (or something like that). Without a mouse today, it is much more difficult for me to pull up a new Tab and check it out. I truly believe we were blessed with the ability to purchase this house because we didn't hold any bitterness about having to give up our "dream home". This one is a whole lot smaller... but I love it.

I always told my daughter that when you purchase things you love... those that make your heart sing... they'll always go together to make a cozy and pretty home. (Here I am, giving advice to a young woman with a four year DEGREE in Interior Design!). However, she agrees with me. My style is rather eclectic and I've changed a bit over the years but I still enjoy the results. It's English Country meets cottage style.

I think the guys like most of it, they don't even say anything about the last of my teddy bear collection in the family room. Of course, the home office is my husband's retreat and has been... uh... decorated (?) by him. My son's room is his retreat, too. However, he asked for help from me so It looks better than the office. :)

There is one really girly area of our home, decorated by the very gifted young woman who lived here before. It is the tiny bathroom off the family room. The wallpaper is white and completely covered with tiny rosebuds. The shower curtain (which she was so sweet to leave since it kind of matched) is a lace with little rosebuds on it. I have enhanced the look with Victorian pictures and pink/red accessories. I guess it is because it is so small, the guys like it, too. At least they don't say anything against it (except for how small it is).

This house was their first and they did so much to make it beautiful. It wasn't a fixer upper as such for the house is in very good condition. Instead, they transformed it with beautiful woodwork, wall paper, paint (including the kitchen cabinets), putting in french doors, better windows, and that huge deck so many have commented about. My family is the benefactor of their skill and giftedness.

Christopher is feeling much better and tried to look like he enjoyed his dinner of talapia, roasted brussel sprouts, and baked potato (which he did like). I am determined he'll get better nutrition, at least at home.

I didn't sleep well last night, waking up when I moved my arm and it hurt... (yawn). However, it is finally beginning to feel better. I will "baby" it this evening and perhaps tomorrow before starting the project to organize my kitchen cabinets where I keep plates and such. There are lots of books waiting to be read to review, this is a good time for reading.

My daughter called while I was typing today's post. Sometimes I truly miss having younger children around but after hearing about my her day with the grandchildren, I appreciate this season of my life a little more. I could laugh since I'm past the "two's" and preschool age antics. Instead I'm going to read a bit, work on my scrapbook journal, perhaps watch a little TV... and rest. Oh... and pray for my daughter's sanity. :)


DebD said...

I'm behind on my bloggy reading. I hope you had a lovely peaceful day.

Judy said...

Brenda, I have a laptop, too and got tired of the touch pad and it's being so sensitive, so I went to Wal-Mart and bought a wireless optical mouse. Now my hand no longer cramps up. I think it was under twenty dollars. I am so used to it now that I feel awkward and quite limited when I use the touch pad.