Thursday, January 24, 2008

Coffee, scones, and freezing my giblets

It was so cold this morning, once I had packed Christopher a lunch box and sent him off for his 8:00 class, all I could do was sit in my family room chair... my flannel housecoat tied snuggly at the waist and a big mug of coffee in hand... and watch the sun rise behind the pine trees in back of my neighbor's house.

We have a saying in our household. When it is just TOO cold outside, we are "freezing our giblets". We didn't come up with the expression, no... it was a big, yellow bird who first uttered those words. I don't know know why some expressions just "stick" to a family but that one has been used since the first time we watched Christmas Eve on Sesame Street when Stephanie was very young.

I still have my old, beat up video copy. I hope it is still available in DVD as I read recently the old Sesame Street specials may not be available any longer as they are considered not politically correct. Sheesh... Anyhoo... it is very, very, very cold in my part of the world and I'm amazed at the normal sized birds out my window who have left their protection from sub zero wind chills to sit on my back fence. Now, there are some frozen giblets. :)

The guys and I have been enjoying the Australian Open in the Down Under (where it is not very, very, very cold) which has been showing on ESPN and The Tennis Channel. We are big tennis fans with the guys and Stephanie all playing in competitions in one year or another. The first "date" I had with my future husband was on the tennis court. I continued to go out with him, even though I saw just how competitive he was. (Has he ever heard it is good manners to let a lady win once in awhile?) I gave up playing the game soon thereafter.

If you want to feel old, even at thirty (much less fifty), listen to the broadcasters and their background chatter regarding the players. If I hear one more person comment on the "old" guy at age twenty-eight, I'm going to find a cane and hobble to the kitchen where perhaps I can pull together a meal, even at my ripe old age. Otherwise, we all enjoy watching our favorites play and those we don't like... lose. In Christian love, of course. Even though I usually back the USA players, I must admit that I like watching Federer win.

The cold weather sent me once again to the kitchen since I didn't have to get out at all today. I tried a new scone recipe that tastes a lot like the orange cranberry scone Stephanie and I love at Starbucks (she bought two or three for me while she was visiting). Yum... Except for putting in too many frozen cranberries to replace the dried fruit in the recipe, it turned out great. I'll post it as soon as I update my recipe site with the recipes already promised to people. Perhaps I'll add that one first as it is a great scone.

The problem with our car turned out (as we hoped) to be very small and easily fixed. So... yesterday was spent catching up on the grocery shopping I had planned to do the day the car didn't start (last week). Tomorrow I need to finish the errands I couldn't accomplish in time yesterday (some days it seems I have less than the promised twenty four hours!). Today I am playing catch up with laundry I let go as the pulled muscle healed in my arm. It seems I'm doing the work of many yesterdays when today's To Do list is also calling.

I think I'll take a coffee and scone break in between laundry loads. Yes... that sounds very good indeed. :)


ukrainiac said...

Snuggled in with a hot cup of coffee and a view of the sunrise...sounds perfect!

Glad to know you're healing, your car is fixed, and life is crying out for your attention...and then some!

But, ah, a scone beckons. Don't try to get a weeks' worth of "to dos" into this day! Enjoy...

Deb said...

Brenda ~ I'll be looking forward to your scone recipe. I got a heavy duty scone pan for Christmas that I haven't tried out yet! Thanks in advance.

Jenn V said...

It sounds like a good way to spend a cold day! We too are freezing our's only 8 degrees and I am getting shocked by every metal thing I touch. I can't wait to try your scone recipe!