Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Job in the early morning

Congratulations again to Heather and a thank you to all that left a comment. I already have a couple other books put back for a late Winter give away.

It is so good to be home this afternoon after attending a cookie exchange at the bookstore. I have time to ponder, ummm... in between laundry and dishes, vacuuming and trying to get a coffee stain out of the carpet, providing fresh water and food for Sasha and putting dinner in the oven. Hmmm... perhaps a week at the bookstore wasn't all that bad? :)

One day last week, Christopher had to drop me off at the coffee shop very early on his way to class. I had brought my Bible with me to spend some much needed quiet time before a very busy work day. After purchasing a muffin and coffee, I came back to my table to find the Bible opened at Job 38 & 39... one of my favorite places in all the Word. I'm not sure why it had opened to these two chapters as I've been reading through Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, and Colossians for awhile (rereading until their messages sink in). Perhaps this is where I was suppose to be that day...

"WHERE WERE YOU?????", God is asking Job in these many verses. If you are so smart, then where were you when I created the world, set the waters in place, made the universe, etc. If I see God as an actor in a Shakespearean play, I can see the Almighty in great robes (looking a lot like Charlton Heston dressed as Moses)... one arm raised to the Heavens... the other pointing at Job... "WHERE WERE YOU???"... One could see Him as a parent who must give a stern talk to a toddler while at the same time, hiding a smile as one knows the little tyke has no answer.

The poetry that is the book of Job always brings wonder to me, the descriptions of things past and objects present... not to mention that which is to come in a far away place... what delight when one thinks of morning stars and scary Leviathan. God not only puts Job in his place but gives glimpses of the unknown Universe if one believes such things (and I do).

My husband once spent months (perhaps a year?) reading Job over and over for the book's message to those who suffer, those whose lives are filled with affliction and pain. I marveled at the message of forgiveness, for it is not until Job prays for his friends that we have a happy ending. However, it is in the very words of the Creator that we are filled with a peek into the oceans and the stars... and into the heart of man.

To think that those around me that morning were content with reading the morning paper or memorizing facts for an afternoon exam. I was on an adventure much more exciting than Narnia or Middle Earth... for the places mentioned in this Book are real... if we believe.


Heather L. said...

Thanks for sharing about Job. Maybe I'll have to go and read there next. :)

Anonymous said...

In each wee corner of the Word come teaching, rich and pure, for every situation in our lives. We need to drink it in and come to know our Lord intimately.

My husband has been experiencing some stress lately - I think I'll suggest he open up to Job. Job is an effective encouragement.

Thank you...

Anonymous said...

I just started Job a few weeks ago. Next year my plan is to begin reading the Bible in chronological order. I'm beginning with Job, using a John MacArthur Study Bible so I can read the notes along with it.

MacCárthaigh Family said...

Hello there, I got your address from A place of quiet rest and just wanted to say that I buried my father yesterday. He has been an atheist most of his life and I had been praying for him to be saved since my own conversion 6 years ago. He had cancer for 2 years and ended up at home in bed in and out of conciseness understanding who we were but not making much sense when he talked. Finally for the last two days he was out of it.

At one stage I began to loose hope asking my husband, "how can he be saved now?' and he said 'God can do anything'. But this didn't sink in. I went home and cried, unable to pray properly and God sent me the scripture... ( I don't know it off by heart!) "With man things are impossible but with God all things are possible". A few days later I was having a very in dept talk with a sister from the church and she has asked God for help in advising me. He gave her this scripture for me... " What man, being evil, when his child asks him for bread gives him a stone...... etc. Finally, I was reading through Job and while opening my Bible the next day I thought in my head, how can God show me something about dad's situation from Job? And straight away I read Job 33;14 to about 18.

Hope you look it up and understand that I believe God saved dad but not in a way that I or anybody else could see...

I cling to Gods promises in the Bible, these ones in particular, and remember this one... Without faith it is impossible to please God.

Boy, bet you didn't expect to get this one today!!! God bless you and your family.Ruth

Theresa said...

I just finished reading through Job. I can always find something new in that book! My goal was to make it to Isaiah by Christmas, and I reached it!
I want to wish you and your family a most blessed Christmas. I read your blog often and enjoy it so much! Theresa