Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A guest review of The Mom Walk

I am so behind in my book reviews and e-mails. I'll post at least one review each day before Christmas (as I have computer access). I'll also try to get caught up on e-mails from my blog's e-mail address. I have over 500 unread e-mails on my home Inbox alone (of course, most of those I can delete without reading since they are not from individuals). I found a few there today from friends that I didn't know came in... yikes! Such is life without daily access to a computer.

Stephanie has been telling me how much she is enjoying Sally Clarkson's latest book so I asked her to write a review of it to post here. There is no other person/family who reflects my own way of thinking toward life and homeschooling as the Clarkson's and their Whole Heart Ministry.

How I'd love to meet them for long conversations beside a fireplace in Colorado. My prayers go out to them as their church recovers from the terrible shooting... I haven't read this book but Steph is promising to bring it with her when she visits. :)

Now, from my daughter... Stephanie...

When you pick up a book by Sally Clarkson, you are sure to be encouraged and inspired as a wife, a mother, and a woman. You are bolstered in your vision to bless your family and glorify God through your home. You come away full of ideas on how to love and nurture your children, minister through hospitality, create a rich homeschooling environment full of books and music and art. You are reminded of the importance of beauty in our everyday lives and how it can touch the hearts of the people that you love and serve in your home, day in and day out.

Sally’s latest book, “The Mom Walk,” contains all that…and more. In this book, Sally weaves her classic message of encouragement for mothers with some of the most honest and transparent revelations of personal struggle and difficulty I have ever read. I loved all the little stories and vignettes that so poignantly illustrated our need as Christian women to draw our strength from God and His Word, to cultivate a relationship with the Lord that will carry us through, step by weary step. You will be filled with a renewed hope of what God can do through you as you labor each day in your home, anticipating the fruit that only He can bring forth.


Kimberly said...

You can come sit by my fireplace here in Colorado. I'll brew us a pot of tea, fix up some treats and we'll talk books, Jesus, life, whatever...

Becky K. said...

Our homeschool co-op did a video series by the Clarkson's for our Mom's nights one year. We thoroughly enjoyed them, as well.
Becky K

Anonymous said...

this is going on my 'must have' list. and an extra copy for a give-away i think would be in order. :O)
thank you for providing a review.

i think of you and yours often and want to remind you that many continue to pray. <><

Our Family of Five said...

I love, love, LOVED this book! I read it in two days and then went back and read it again more slowly. I'm a Sally Clarkson fan anyway, but this book really met me in a place where I needed to hear its message. Great review, thanks for sharing. :)