Saturday, November 03, 2007

Ready for cold weather in the kitchen

Hello my friends. I spent this beautiful November morning at a local library sale. I don't find a lot of books at this sale usually (which is a good thing I guess, since I have so many already) but this morning I came away with an Elizabeth Goudge book for teens (which looks good for a day when I want light reading), a Gladys Tabor book, a collection of essays by Elisabeth Elliot printed in the 1970s, and a Betty Crocker cookbook from the same time period which has four of their specialty cookbooks in one volume.

I also purchased an absolutely wonderful cookbook called The General Foods Cookbook from the 1950s. I've never seen it before but it is a rather large book which is divided into sections like Family Meals, Daytime Entertaining, It's a Party, Company For Dinner and How to Feed a Crowd (to name a few). The various editors of the book wrote their comments and ideas throughout so it is also a very entertaining book to read. I have left it out to look through this week. I skimmed it briefly when I arrived home. I have given away more cookbooks than I own now but I've begun collecting these older books as a reminder of a time homemaking was still considered a real "profession" (not to mention the great "from scratch" recipes).

You can tell it is now cooler weather outside for that is when I get back in the cooking mood. Even when I worked full time, I enjoyed spending weekend afternoons cooking. Yesterday was my "stock up" day where I shop once a month for the pantry and freezer. I had visions of soups, stews, and casseroles as I strolled down aisles. I also have been purchasing items a little at a time for my big Holiday baking sessions next month. I give baked goods for Christmas presents to most of the people I know, except my immediate family. I have found for years that people love to receive homemade baked goods and candy. I'm hoping to add a lot of recipes to my long neglected recipe blog, too. There are already some great recipes on it which are easily "looked up" by category.

Speaking of cookbooks again, Rodale books now has a brand new facsimile edition of the Betty Crocker 1950 Picture Cookbook (even the original introduction where cooking is called a "ministry"). I had ordered it as a Christmas present to myself (do you do that, too?). When it arrived, I was very happy with it. The only original copies I had seen were falling apart and had antique store prices.

Yesterday I gave into temptation and purchased two more magazines, one being Southern Lady's November/December issue and the other Taste of Home's special magazine called Taste of Home Mom's Best Meals (it was pricey but that is my favorite section of the magazine). Last night I was exhausted from "bringing my food from afar" so I went to bed early with both of them as my reading material. I was so happy with them, finding lots of good ideas. The Mom's Best Meals magazine is going on the shelf with my cookbooks. I think I've spent my magazine budget for the next few months.

I'll be spending a lot of time in the kitchen between now and Spring! :) I'll also be on the lookout for Southern Living's November issue, which I always purchase. It has the best food articles in it each year. And... there on the news stand was the new Victoria! What a beautiful sight to see. I have so enjoyed it already. Great job editors!

My husband is feeling a little better. Right now he's watching the University's football team play a big rival since it is being televised on national TV. It looked like a football Saturday as I drove home this morning, Celtic music providing the background (from the NPR channel) to delicious surroundings of golden trees, the cornfields in their last days of harvest, horses grazing, and the general surroundings of late Autumn. I tried to drink it all in since the season is so brief. Very soon the leaves will all be fallen and snow is already in the long range forecast.

One of the songs played on the NPR channel is an original Celtic number which inspired the background music to The Last of the Mochicans. I love that CD and I used to play it quite often. I'll brush the dust off of it today and play it (after the game!).

The part to our computer has not arrived, yet. So I won't have computer access for a few days. I still feel like I'm writing from a foreign land as the "look" from the laptop is so different. At least I am no longer accidentally clicking on places where I don't want to go. I miss my mouse. :)

Hopefully, I'll have my familiar monitor back sometime soon (although, as I said, I could get used to this) and be able to chat more often.


Heather L. said...

All your cookbooks and magazines sound like fun! It's definately the time of year to think a lot about cooking.
I'm glad your husband is a little better.

nannykim said...

I love old cookbooks too--found one in the summer that was an old Southern cook book and it is quiet fun. The Last of the Mohegans is one of my faorite sound tracts also.

nannykim said...

I love old cookbooks too--found one in the summer that was an old Southern cook book and it is quiet fun. The Last of the Mohegans is one of my faorite sound tracts also.

smilnsigh said...

Wonder what Gladys Taber book you found. :-)

Oh yes, I too prefer a mouse! Eeek to those touch pad things! :-)


Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

I have this General Foods cookbook - as well as Betty Crocker and many others - from my mother's collection of cookbooks from the 30s through the 60s. A great pleasure to reread them. They certainly are from scratch, though not necessarily what I think of as the healthiest nowadays.

Brenda I am so glad you are posting more again! Your blog is very inspiring and comforting to me.

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

Brenda, I wonder if you have read Della Thompson Lutes _The Country Kitchen_. Or anything by her. She was born in the late 1880s, I think, and wrote these books in the 1930s and I enjoy all she wrote, especially the novel Cousin William.

deb said...

Yes, of course! I always buy a present for myself. LOL! But not only that...I wrap it and put it under the tree. And the designated gift giver-outer picks it up and announces...To Deb, From Deb? LOL!! How fun!

Sue said...

I really love to bake in the fall and winter months, just something so cozy about it all! I love old cookbooks too, I'll be hosting a cookie cutter swap soon, so come by and check it out!

meg said...

This is the only time of year I get the urge to cook, & I've been collecting soup & stew recipes.
By any chance were you listening to "The Thistle & the Shamrock" on NPR? That is a Saturday tradition around here since we discovered it (& "A Praire Home Companion") on a road trip home a couple of years ago.
Hope you get your computer back soon- I don't like using the touch pad either :P

Our Family of Five said...

I love Southern Living's recipes. I just bought their slow cooker recipe book from SAMS Club and everything I've made from it so far has been delicious.... with a capital D! :)