Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Getting back to my old self

I knew I couldn't stay in a slump very long. After living and breathing the Word, good books, and gorgeous magazines for awhile... I found myself looking at my Living Room and planning Christmas decorating. Brenda is back. :)

Not that it is wrong to have seasons when we know we've given all that is within us and we need to stop... refresh... regain strength... take some deep breaths... appreciate nature around us... read a bit... sip some coffee and tea... eat some chocolate... pray... receive strength... become restored. No one goes through life without these needs once in awhile.

I find not only circumstances will affect me but so do seasonal changes. I adore autumn but even I have to admit the days of late autumn can take some getting used to, especially the weeks after the time has changed. It seems we've been thrown into hours (and hours) of darkness in just days. Our weather continues to be crazy with very low temps followed by very high... and back. No wonder we can't become acclimated. (Of course, our friends in the far north (U. S. Alaska and Canada) and the "far south"... as in Australia... have their own seasonal changes going on.) :)

My good friend, Sheila, loaned me their "second" car today so I'll be able to pick up Christopher from work tonight and get him to his classes in the morning. We'll go together to pick up our car tomorrow afternoon. As I told Sheila, you can tell good friends when you are going through a hard time. A pastor I had years ago called it, "The Inconvenience of Being In Need". Yes, it is indeed an inconvenience. Thank God for good friends (Sheila is one of my former neighbors that I meet for lunch once in awhile, as well as the mother of my son's very best friend.)

I started reading Golda Meir's autobiography (My Life) last night. Like Sheila, Golda is another Jewish woman I admire. I was fascinated by her when she was Israel's Prime Minister in the 1970s. I've had this book on my shelf for a few years now. It drew me in within the first few pages (I didn't know she was Russian!). I know I'll enjoy reading this. It will balance all the wonderful magazines available this time of year (I have many Christmas food magazines saved from previous years, not to mention a gazillion articles about Christmas decorating and such in my files).

I hope to have computer access again on Thursday. As for when my old, familiar machine will be fixed. Sigh... who knows? However, I'm not going to let it get me down. All we can do is... all we can do!


smilnsigh said...

"All we can do is... all we can do!"

I love that! It should be needlepointed on lots and lots of pillows!

Good wishes for getting your own computer fixed soooooon!!!

"The Inconvenience of Being In Need" That is a wonderful saying too! And another way of using those words could be... "The Inconvenience of Being Needed." Which addresses the issue, from the other side, as it were. Both hold a multitude of aspects.


Mimi said...

God slows is down when we need to be slowed down... and sometimes we are not ready for the inconvenience... but it gives someone else the opportunity to be of help to you...and that is a good thing!!
so relax and let God fix things in his own timing...

Anonymous said...

Too weird, I just picked up My Life at the Library yesterday and started reading it. Great minds think alike. God bless you, Joy

meg said...

So glad to hear that you are feeling chipper again, ready for the season :)
I think I like your prescription for the blues- just the ticket for those overwhelming, gloomy days ahead; I'd best stock up!
Christmas decorating, hmmm? I did some this weekend (not at home, heaven forbid- I just got some Autumn things put up)& have some ideas percolating- it will be our first Christmas at home in 3 years.

Heather said...

I am glad you are finding your encouragement again - we all go through those seasons and they never last as long as they seem to be when you are in the midst of one! I am having trouble adjusting to the early darkness and dark mornings too, but thankfull we have a great deal more sunshine than we are used to in dull grey November! I do hope your computer woes are soon a thing of the past!

Anonymous said...

I'm still in a slump-seasonal changes affect me too, especially the darkness of winter coming on. Thankfully it's been warm and sunny mostly, with just a little rain last week.
My favorite day of the year is December 21st, because the days begin to turn longer right after that. I'm always so glad to make it to the 21st. :)
Glad you're feeling better.

regina barnett said...

I remember not having a car for along time. and my boys were little infants. Thank gooiness my Mother living near by. Ther's nonthing like having good friends.

Maggie Ann said...

Life is full of ups and downs isn't it! For everyone! Thankfully, there are lots of level roads along the way. What a friend to lend you thier second car....a gem.

Vee said...

I admire anyone who can slow down and take the time necessary to restore herself and ground herself. Someday, I'm going to try it.