Saturday, October 13, 2007

What a difference a week makes!

Brrrr... we awoke to temperatures in the upper 30s this morning! Hard to believe we were at record highs last weekend. This may explain the wicked headache I had yesterday. I just couldn't shake it. Christopher and I attended a library sale (well, I attended and he worked the sale this time) and the pounding head made looking at books more difficult... not impossible, though. :)

Each sale is a little different in what goodies I find. This time I found a few books for me (The Thirteenth Tale for $1.00 because it was a library cast off), a vintage Miss Read, and an interesting book by a conservative political author. Otherwise everything I found was for the grandchildren and fiction books for my husband. I usually can find only one or two for him but someone had donated books with similar tastes because I came home with about ten or twelve!

Christopher found a couple Dune books as well as that political book while taking a break from his volunteer work. There were some great "vintage" books available but alas, I do not have enough shelf room for them. I was so excited about a few of the children's books. Two were books I was thinking about purchasing at full price for Christmas gifts! They were $3.00 each but worth every cent. Most books are fifty cents or $1.00.

Thanks for being so understanding about my "ranting" yesterday. Yes, even my twenty-nine year old daughter feels out of place in this society at times. She especially gets comments where she lives with each new pregnancy (most couples have only two children). Although... yesterday morning when I called I think she was remembering fondly the days when she had peace and quiet. The baby was nursing and didn't appreciate mom holding the phone, the other three cuties were making noise, and she was trying to decide if she had time to clean the house before leaving for Maine at noon! (She is attending the retreat for deaconess-es (sp?) for her church this week.) I had to smile... I'm certain my son-in-law will be glad to see her again this evening.

I never did get any baking done for the freezer. I'm going to do that today as well as finishing the vegetable beef soup. My head is feeling better today but there is still a lingering sinus pressure going on, perhaps a warm kitchen is what is needed!

Picture was taken last autumn by a local photographer. It doesn't look like we'll have great color this year.


Heather L. said...

Your daughter is my same age, with, it sounds like, the same amount of children! Does she have a blog?

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

She actually had a blog before I did but ended up either deleting it or letting it go "dormant".

I think it was after the third child was added. :)

Her second child is quite hyperactive (and on a special diet)and her husband works long hours at the college so she finds it hard to get computer time.

Quinne said...

Hi Brenda :) Those fall temps sound wonderful! We are having high 40's nights these days and are loving that so much. Congratulations on your book sale finds! Love to you! Q

Terri said...

We got our first real taste of fall yesterday as well. Even started a fire in the fireplace!

I enjoyed visiting your blog. It's nice to meet someone who remembers things that I do from when I was little!
God bless.

the feathered nest said...

I'm enjoying the fall temps that we're finally having. I actually had to turn the heat on the morning to "take the chill off". Sounds like a good book sale. My library is having one next weekend that I'm looking forward to.


Tealady Tammy said...

it is fall in my neck of the woods now as well. Glad you found some great finds at the sale
have a blessed week ahead

carolyn said...

I so know the feeling of not having shelf room for more books but can never resist. I certainly wouldn't have been able to resist at those prices.