Monday, October 15, 2007

Monday in the kitchen

It would seem I was in the kitchen most of the day. I learned a very important lesson. Do not make apple fritters where you must stand over the hot oil at the same time you have the oven set to 450 degrees to bake homemade pizza. It wasn't until I was OUT of the kitchen that I realized why I felt as if I were in the midst of Death Valley in August. :)

I tried to change my pizza recipe just a bit by adding some shredded cheddar in with the Italian cheeses (as my daughter did in the original recipe). When I asked my husband how he liked it, he told me whatever I did different... don't do it again. Sigh, he has never liked changes. He did enjoy the apple fritters and banana nut bread I made today. Christopher left home a little after 7:00 this morning and wasn't able to return for dinner before attending his Monday Bible study. I'm glad I packed a good lunch for him to warm up on campus (including leftover vegetable beef soup). That way I didn't feel too bad when he had to stop for a fast food dinner.

I talked to Stephanie while she was in the van on the way to an evening meeting at her church. I think about 90% of our conversations happen while she is driving now (she has Bluetooth technology). I was curious how her retreat in Maine went (great except the heavy rain on the way there). I can only close my eyes and imagine New England right now. I'd love to visit in October to see the trees changing and all but I'll probably try to go in May again so we can travel to that wonderful town flea market at Brimfield.

One of the very best days of my entire life was the day she and I spent at Brimfield doing some heavy duty "thrifting and antiquing" and then took my granddaughter (my only granddaughter at the time) to a tea room together. I'm glad we did, even though she was still quite little since that tea room eventually closed. One should never wait for "perfect" circumstances since they rarely arrive. I think there are three weeks of flea markets at Brimfield (May, July, and September) but I've been told May is the best.

Sasha has been jumping on the sofa next to me when I read. If you have seen her pictures, she is my "fluffy" kitty so it is a good thing she doesn't jump ON me as did her sister. I told her today while I still missed our Storm Girl dreadfully, I am very happy to have her beside me. We've always called Sasha our "Victorian Lady" kitty, she seems the type who would appreciate a hand crocheted collar and a little flower at her neck.

I plan to do more baking for the freezer tomorrow (somehow with the guys around it hasn't made it to the freezer, yet!). Besides catching up on dusting and vacuuming, I want to work more on my scrapbook journal. I haven't begun to use the spiral artist's sketch book, yet. Now I'm on my way to the sofa to read more of the delightful Miss Read book. I saw Sasha tracking a spider on my way to the computer. In her youth, she may have continued to track it but she was already winded and watching it while laying down when I saw her. Sometimes I can relate. :)


fairmaiden said...

I spent Monday in the kitchen too...baking muffins (pumkin & blueberry) and lemon scones...plenty to put away in the freezer for the kids to grab a quick breakfast.

I noticed that you have Nancy leigh DeMoss' "A Quiet Place of Rest" in your basket to read. That is one of my favorite books. Just reading it gives my soul peace. I hope you enjoy it.

Also, I have awarded you the "you make me smile" award, along with all my blogs 'cottage companions'.

She'sSewPretty said...

Brenda, I love to visit here. You always leave me pondering on life. I've been doing some baking too. My efforts seem to disappear so quickly though with all of the young men and teenagers who seem to "live" here. I saw that you picked up The Thirteenth Tale and I'm looking forward to reading what you thought about the book.

Mary Isabella said...

Such a beautiful post. The baking and reading are two of my favorite things to do. Have a Blessed Week Mary

Susie Q said...

What a beautiful post dear Brenda. Today is one of those baking and reading is raining outside and cool. Just a cozy up and nest day!