Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Checking in again :)

I'm stopping by again with my son's laptop. For those of us who have never used a laptop before, it is both interesting (as I am typing away while seated at a Lazy Boy recliner) but also strange. It has a completely different look and feel. However, I am very thankful it is available.

The guy who has been "looking over" our computer thinks it is just the motherboard and (hopefully) the mainframe has not been fried. That was the same thing my son told me would be the best possible problem.

We're ordering the part for him today. We'll know within a week if all is well with ours. If all my info is still there, I will immediately purchase one of those "thingies" (computer talk, you know...) to store important information. Christopher has one but I forget the official name.

My sister left for the airport early this morning to fly back to Tampa. Her family is ready for her return and as our night temperatures are close to 30, she was ready for warmth again. We had a very nice visit. As I've mentioned before, Jean is old enough to be my mother (she is the oldest girl and I am the youngest) so she has family stories that I've never heard before. We sat up late each night in my living room and chatted.

We spent part of Saturday and Sunday at the hospital. My brother-in-law will be transferred to a nursing home this morning. He has been ill a very long time and on Saturday I thought he would not last the night but Sunday he was better and joking with us. I still doubt he will last long but I know he is ready to go. My sister, however, is not facing the fact he may not make it this time. It will be difficult for her as they married when she was seventeen.

As I said before, my relationship with him is a lesson of patience and forgiveness. He has been a very difficult person and one who spread lies about my husband and I quite often. I have prayed for him for a very long time. I have seen him change slowly and at an advanced age but I do believe his "conversion experience" is very real. For only the Lord could take someone with his personality and way of life and make him the kind of person he has become.

It is never too late while there is breath in a person to hope for change. It may take decades of prayer. I am amazed at how easy it was to forgive him when I truly understood God had taken all of his sins and "forgotten" them, how could I not do the same? I must remember that for the remaining "challenging" family members. :)

I have finished most of my big projects, only one or two remain and both of them can be done a little at a time (as in my semi-annual decluttering the garage). So I'm taking today and tomorrow as days of R & R. Except for a little laundry and cooking, I hope to spend the days reading and relaxing.

I'll check in again between now and when I (hopefully) get my computer back over the weekend.


regina barnett said...

glad to hear that your brother- in -law is going to be living the hospital. I think the nursing home will be alot better for him than the hospital. so sorry for your sister. I pray for strength for her when that time does come. It' is never easy when you lose someone. But God does give us a brighter tomorrow.

Mimi said...

glad that you had a good visit with your sister... and that your brother-in-law will be leaving the hospital.
this is not the husband of the sister you had visiting with you is it?
as our family member begin to age it becomes very difficult to see them start to deteriorate ...
but it is so wonderful to know that he is now a Christian...
and will be with your sister again in heaven.
I pray for his suffering and for your sister as she prepares herself to face the future!!

Quinne said...

Hi Brenda :) It is so good to see you popping in and out to visit as you can. I am missing you!

What a joy to read that you had a lovely visit with your sister! That time is so precious.

Thank you for all that you have shared about your b-i-l. It is a blessing to read about what the Father has done in a life, and it is a great reminder of His grace to each of us. I will pray with you for your sister as these days go by. Love, Q

Anonymous said...

I love my laptop-I'd truly be lost without it. Dh brought it home for me to use from work and I sit in my recliner with it on my lap.
Trust me, Brenda-you could get used to it. :)
p.s. Am glad you had a nice visit!

Heather L. said...

It was so good to hear from you! I hope you can get your computer working with the new part. I'm glad you had a good time with your sister. I hope you do get some good time to rest now.

Anonymous said...

It is so good to have you back! Isn't our Lord wonderful? It is such good news to know that He believes! He will meet the Saviour soon...

Thank you for sharing. I will pray that the Lord continues to fill your sister with His peace and love while your family goes thru this trial.

God bless!


Heather said...

I do hope you have georgeous weather for your two day rest, as we are enjoying in our corner of the midwest! One cannot help but praise the Lord!

Donetta said...

I'll think of your Sister in my prayers. It really is never too late.

nannykim said...

laptops are wonderful; that is all we use since it saves so much space and is much more comfortable. However the batteries are super expensive. Mine is dead so I can se it any where that there is a plug. I also know what you mean about a problem relative--prayer really helps as you say to enable you to forgive someone--as you pray for a person it ends up changing our own heart--how can you not forgive and love someone you pray for--I agree with what you have said.