Monday, September 03, 2007

Not Laboring on Labor Day

Oh, it was wonderful! I was at work only a few minutes when the H.R. Manager said I really wasn't needed so I could go home if I wanted to. Wanted to?

It took me about five seconds to put that quarter in the #7 employee locker, retrieve my little Vera Bradley purse I've been using these past three weeks because it fit in the employee lockers (the purse purchased a few years ago at a consignment shop, of course), tell my son to call me when he needed to be picked up, and run...not walk... to the parking garage!

I am so happy to be back in my normal life again. It will take a little time for a soft landing, having three weeks worth of household duties to catch up on, not to mention autumn projects. However, I am home!

I had a little grocery shopping to do, as well as a stop by Menard's to purchase a new allergy type filter for the furnace. There was also the need to pick Christopher up when his work was complete. Otherwise, I have enjoyed taking apart the clearance flowers I purchased at the grocery store and dividing them between the larger vase for the dining room table and a few to place in the green bottles on my kitchen windowsill. My flowers on the front porch and deck received a nice drink of water, rather than the quick "glog, glog, glog" they have been getting in a hurry each day.

I then settled down with one of the books I received from publishers to review these past few weeks. I chose the lightest "looking" book as I needed a mental vacation and I am so happy I did, it is a truly delightful book and I'll review it here by the end of the week. The only other thing I did today was to order a used book on Amazon using their amazing "One Touch" ordering (which could get me in real trouble if I had more money to use for such things).

Yes, what is missing from all of the above is... housework and dishes. I'll do a few necessary dishes this evening but everything else will have to wait for tomorrow. This day was an unexpected and serendipitous gift and I'm taking full advantage of it. Tomorrow, I will make a long "To Do" list and prioritize all the gotta do's that have been piling up for three weeks. Today... I rest. :)


Cheryl (Copper's Wife) said...

""This day was an unexpected and serendipitous gift and I'm taking full advantage of it. ""

Wisely decided, and greatly deserved!! By the way, Welcome Home!!!

Cathy said...

lol, always ready to go home when doing that kind of work, if the opportunity is offered. I'm glad you enjoyed the day.

Anonymous said...

It looks like you know the meaning of stop and relax!! Very well done!

Theresa said...

What an unexpected treat! How wonderful that you were able to go home and have a nice day after all!

smilnsigh said...

Wonderful news!!!!!! You didn't have to work after all!


Patti said...

Sounds wonderful! I love the two book paintings.