Tuesday, September 04, 2007

A gorgeous new e-magazine

I was checking in on Kimberly to see if there was any late labor on Labor Day (there wasn't).

However, instead I received a wonderful heads up on Kelli's new magazine. (I hadn't come to Kelli's link in Bloglines, yet!)

If you go to Kelli's blog, she gives a link to the Seasonal Delights site where there are instructions on how to "subscribe" and then print it out if you choose. I don't know if they plan to charge in the future but this issue is free.

Kelli warns that to print it will take a lot of your color ink cartridge (and it does!). However, I felt it was worth it to put it in a three ring binder. You can download it to your computer and read it from there or print it out in black & white if you do not have the colored ink to spare. It is SO beautiful in color, though. :)

Mine is printing out right now and I can hardly wait to read through it later this afternoon. I'll take Kimberly's lead and light an autumnal scented candle (probably the State Fair fragrance I recently purchased at my favorite primitive - country store).

I am anxious to try out the Celestial Seasonings Organic Vanilla Apple White that I purchased at the grocery store over the weekend. At least apples are an important part of autumn! I will brew it the little two cup teapot that I like to use when I drink my tea on the porch (if it is not too hot by then).

I am slowly getting my house in order after working these past three weeks. Fatigue is always a "monkey on my back" so to speak and I'm feeling it today. Long past are the days I could work full time and come home to cook and clean (and even in my youth, those two full time jobs left me constantly tired).

Thankfully, God gave me the grace to do that which He set before me these past weeks and I am looking so forward to taking care of regular maintenance work at home so I can move on to creative projects.

We are coming into my favorite time of year (although you wouldn't know it with the 90 degrees temps ...again). It has been a very hot summer! No wonder sweater weather sounds even more welcome this year.

Do read Kelli's new e-magazine and if you do not want to use up color ink, then it will still be great printed out in black & white! I know readers of Coffee Tea Books & Me will absolutely love it.


Tealady Tammy said...

where does one find the link for what looks like a lovely magazine?
Glad you are home and able to rest from work and be back in your world.


Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

Click on Kelli's name in the second paragraph.

That will take you to her blog where you can get the link to her magazine's site. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads-up, Brenda. I subscribed to their beautiful magazine. Now I feel inspired to write more letters.

I am enjoying your 'homecoming' right along with you. I love the way you write about your life.

I'd like to invite you and your readers to enter my blog giveaway in honour of National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week (NICIAW)sponsored by Rest Ministries. Two people will win 2 booklets and a pillowcase made by me (or should it be 'myself'?)

Lallee said...

I'm doing some clutter cleaning, too. I've been in summer-relax mode long enough and it is showing! Thank you for the heads up for Kelli's magazine. I'll go look right now before I forget.