Thursday, August 30, 2007

Thoughts on vision

Somehow I have been thinking of "vision" all day today. It was on my mind this morning before work. Then I heard David Jeremiah preaching about it on the radio in the car. Imagine my surprise as I read a few blogs and Patty is talking about having vision today! I think Someone was trying to teach me Something...

My ponderings about "vision" came about as I thought of the work I am doing right now. It isn't easy at times and I would much rather be at home but I have a "vision" before me of a much needed object that a small amount of work will make it possible to purchase. (Not to mention I believe I can be --hopefully-- a motherly type of influence to some students, especially the young women with whom I often chat.)

Just recently, I was remembering how I would use "vision" to get through difficult times in times past. Sometimes it was a move I knew the family was going to go through even though we had little resources of time, money, or energy. I would keep before me the goal of getting into the new place, unpacking, meeting new friends if we were going to a new city, seeing new sites, etc. Sometimes I would think of what it would be like in the new house as we celebrated holidays.

Even as I packed boxes until I thought I'd drop (much less the actual move), I would try to see the end result in my mind. At the end of each move, there came a time when I would look around and smile and know this is what I had anticipated in the midst of long and tiring days. For it is in keeping the end results before us that we can make the required journey.

I have done the same with various trials and tribulations of life and... life itself. I know many who must keep their own vision before them at all times. Some are making major life transitions which they didn't ask for or desire. Many are experiencing an illness which requires long hours in the doctor's office or hospital as tests are taken and the hope of cures are given.

I know of many parents who have the hope of their prodigal children walking in the faith in which they had been raised. My heart breaks for the mothers and fathers who have no idea where a child is or if they are safe tonight. They can only pray for their safety and keep before them a vision of the prodigal once again sitting at the Holiday table... safe and sound.

Dr. Jeremiah was talking about Joshua and Caleb this morning and how God let them enter the Promised Land because they had "vision". It struck me that God HAD to wait until the rest of that generation was gone (except these two "old" faithful guys) because it would take people of great "vision" to settle in the new land that was given to them. For this was not only a Promised Land but... there were giants in the land.

Fighting giants requires a great deal of faith, vision, fearlessness, etc. That is why we send young men to war. It is far easier to find true vision in youth. How many cranky old men do you know? I love it when I meet the Joshuas and Calebs of this generation. Those rare individuals whose lives contain both wisdom and vision.

How often I think of the days to come when Time and Space will be no more. The Word says we have not even thought of the good things that God has planned for us. That leaves me in wonder because my imagination can think of some pretty amazing things.

When daily life becomes a struggle and the journey is filled with unexpected turns in the road, we look toward the Horizon before us where He already stands... waiting... for He has already walked the road and He knows the many good things the Father has in store for those who do not give up along the way.


Our Family of Five said...

what an awesome, awesome post! it brought tears to my eyes! Oh how we need more Joshuas and Calebs............ I truly needed to read of all days.

DebD said...

Such a great post and so true about young people.

O Lord, please keep me from being a "cranky old man" stuck in my ways!

Mary said...

Brenda, thank you for this post. You have encouraged my heart today. I hope your day is an easy and quick one.

Tealady Tammy said...

this is a wonderful blessing of words. You have encouraged me as always.


Donetta said...

Boy that is for sure! I see his provision daily and even moment by moment. This is only the foretaste of it all.