Thursday, August 30, 2007

I just couldn't say no

I am back at the bookstore for another few days (and my feet are complaining). They called on Monday to ask if I would be willing to work a little longer as it was busier than expected this week. Normally they cut back quite a few people for this third week of "Book Rush".

So...doing some mental calculations to equate my work hours with the possibility of purchasing a small cabinet style deep freeze... I said yes. Sigh...

I had already told them I would work on Labor Day but this was unplanned. Yesterday I thought I would have to come home early but the man who is in charge of all the cashiers found a place for me to work where I could sit until time to go home. He is going to make certain I have a chance to sit once in awhile and he has me take extra breaks. I never like to make a big deal of having a chronic illness but there comes a time when you must accept extra attention.

We have laughingly called him our "adopted son" for a couple of years even though he is only ten years younger than me. He asked for us to adopt him when my husband first began working the "Book Rush" days because he loves my baking. Believe me, he is going to take care of me so I can bake a big batch of cookies soon. :)

Yes, the check was returned and I finally got use to the cash register. Now there are only a couple items I need help with, both being special charges that rarely come up. I've never been a numbers person (words are my gift in life) but technology makes it all easier.

I absolutely love chatting with the University students. Most are delightful young people, although I want to take some of the young women under my care and teach them the benefits of dressing more modestly. They are imitating their favorite media personalities but they honestly look like they are ready to set up a shingle and begin accepting "customers"

I know I'm working through Friday and I may have to work on Saturday. I had already promised to work Labor Day. After that... I'm home again. I keep telling myself that this is only temporary and there is a beginning and an end to this season of work (even if the end was extended a bit).

I can still use your prayers to carry on through Monday (I won't work Sunday). Yesterday when I was very tired, I kept a picture in my mind of the deep freeze and the ability to double some meals and freeze them. I thought of bags of cranberries being stored to use throughout the year. Yes, I can make it through these few days.

Next week I will return to my world of home, reading, flowers, tea, and now... taking some more pictures! In the meantime, I'm going to plan another temporary vacation at Starbucks.


marye said...

Your writing style, as well as your blog, is lovely. I will be prayng for you this weekend as the Lord brings you to mind!
What a fabulous ministry you must students need people to care for them and pray. :)

Katie said...

I was a college student not so long ago, and I wish I would've had someone like you to take me aside and teach me a thing or two about dressing as a godly woman! Praise God I made it though those college years!! Looking back - college sure is tough for young women - I truly feel they are such easy prey in this regard, especially being bombarded daily with worldly images and articles telling them how to become a woman. So sad that the world teaches that they have to dress like that to be accepted or beautiful in the eyes of man. May God get ahold of many hearts on college campuses this upcoming semester! I have a special compassion for young women and that is part of the reason I began my blog. I'm hoping that as the Lord changes this part of me, maybe it could help others too - only if this is the Lord's will however. I still have much to learn myself! Thanks for your post today. Blessings!

Cathy said...

Well, I'm sure they love having a hard working ( as unto the Lord), friendly cashier working there. :-) And technology does indeed make it much easier! Keep a little note in your pocket on how to do the difficult things. I am praying God will give you wisdom and strength to endure. It is great you can minister to the young people through prayer.

CONNIE W said...

Hangeth-thou in there. I hope the days pass quickly for you.

Theresa said...

I will be praying for you to make it through this weekend!
Alway love to read your of the few I make time for to read often!
Lord bless, Theresa

smilnsigh said...


I certainly hope the freezer is worth this...


Heather said...

1 Peter 4:10-11

'Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God's grace in its various forms. If you speak, you should do so as one who speaks the very words of God. If you serve, you should do so with the strength God provides, so that in all things God may be praised through Jesus Christ. To Him be the glory and the power for ever and ever. Amen.'

I'm sure you will be tapping into the 'the strength that God provides' this weekend - I'll be thinking about you as you serve!
And if you are lead to share 'the words of God' with some young woman who needs guidence concerning modesty, I pray you will be bold and your care will be evident and well recieved.