Friday, July 13, 2007

Truly the taste of Summer!

I was late picking my husband up at the library today. He had been doing research and was waiting for me when I arrived. However, when I told him the reason I was late...he had a big smile on his face. For you see, I stopped at the side of the road into town to buy freshly picked sweet corn from a farmer!

I've been promising him I would stop ever since the corn was available a few weeks ago. This picture is not the farm stand where I stopped. No...I bought my sweet corn as it should be sold...from the back of a pickup truck with the farmer's little girl making change! :) However, it did look similar to this picture (which was...uh..."borrowed"...from a local news provider).

Yes my friends, these ears were still in the field this morning. Now that is eating about as local as you can get.

I may have mentioned here before (my family is oh so tired of hearing it) but...I love cornfields. I love John Deere tractors plowing up the ground to plant corn. I love silos and red barns and farmers with overalls (although this young farmer was much more sophisticated with jeans and a nice shirt...darn).

There is nothing that says summer like the roadside corn stands...


Anonymous said...

Oh Brenda, I am full of envy! I can just picture it and taste it too!

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

The corn was...amazing.

I don't eat much corn because it can be as bad (or worse) than sugar for me. This was worth it.

Isabella in the 21st Century said...

Oh lovely! We don't grow huge fields of corn here, but I have grown it in my back garden...your talk of corn fields reminds me of Cary Grant in North by Northwest!