Friday, July 13, 2007

7 Things I love meme

Since Maggie Ann at Knitting Kat posted this on her blog, I thought it would be fun to try here. Considered yourself tagged, it would be fun to see what other people would write...

7 Things I love:

*The family... human and furry...and knowing there are a group of people on this Big Blue Marble who know me well and still love me. (Notice I did not say understand me...)

*That the house I loved was the one I could afford. Thank you, God.

*Reading on the sofa... the rain falling against the window... knowing I have nowhere I have to go that day.

*Spending a morning cooking and baking when the wind is whipping up the snow against the windows...and later watching those I love enjoy the benefits of the kitchen time.

*Treasure hunting through antique malls and thrift stores for very little money and being able to be creative with the artist's canvas that is my home.

*My first cup of coffee each day. Hot tea or Starbucks lattes on cold days, chai frappacinos when the mercury is rising.

*Early morning quiet my rocking chair...on my front porch...meeting with Him who loves me most of all.


Anonymous said...

Hi Brenda,
We sound alot alike.
Enjoy your corn.

Anonymous said...

I'm playing. :)

Sandy said...

Goodness, I think you have the most peaceful blog I've ever visited. Thank you.

Maggie Ann said...

A beautiful meme that depicts a beautiful life...I'm glad to see inside your heart..a little. =)