Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A few more pictures

Here are a couple of pictures of my deck. We have the smaller deck table set (thanks to my daughter and son-in-law) and we hope to get a picnic table, too. There is plenty of room. Small-ish house...huge deck and yard.

On the table are my quiet time necessities. I should be able to leave my phone behind but I feel lost without it. Same for the coffee (it was morning). I purchase the "to go" containers at Target and then reuse them multiple times. :)

Here are my two beloved kitty sisters, now sixteen years old. The family room sofa has a permanent "dent" in it from those two. I took the picture because I haven't seen them sitting next to each other like this since they were much younger. I highly suspect one was already there and wouldn't budge so the other sister decided to stake her claim to their favorite spot, too. ...Siblings!

This picture is just to show you how long that disposable camera had been sitting in my kitchen. Pictures like this one are on it!

I have other house pictures in the sidebar under My Home. The kitchen and our bedroom are both done in the softer colors that I like. The living room and entry area are very much the deeper jewel tones and "English Library" look that I also like. As for the family room, it is a typical country-type room that is put together for well as teenagers and husbands!


Lydia said...

That snow looks nice and cool on this very hot and muggy New England afternoon!

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I thought the same thing when I saw the pictures!

It was steaming hot the day I picked them up. :)

JDW said...

I hope that snow isn't coming our way!

smilnsigh said...

More pictures!!! My cup runith over today! All so pretty again. Looks like you, as I said before.

And your kitties are precious and I agree with your thoughts of why you got this pic. Betcha' it was sibling rivalry. -giggles-

Yes, from the snow picture, can see how long you've been having this camera around. ,-) But, better late than never and I'm not going to complain. :-))))

Actually, I'm going to compliment you on knowing where you put it, last time. I'd have lost it for sure. -sigh-


smilnsigh said...

OHHHHHHHHHHHH.. you have discontinued "Word Verification" here!!!! Or did I just notice? -gigggles-

Either way, it's wonderful. I'm sure you will have no problems. You can just pop into your mail box, where notification of comments comes, and keep a check on your whole blog/blogs comments, anyway. :-)


Penless Thoughts said...

Came over to meet you from Morning Glory.

Susie said...

Came over to say hi from Morning Glory's site. I enjoyed the peek around your lovely home and your kitties are so sweet. How blessed you are to have had them for 16 yrs. They must truly be a part of your family!