Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I have found my ponder

I am so happy. While sitting on a bench watching my older two grandchildren play this morning (they are ages four and five), my mind wandered to such subjects as living with a chronic illness and Louis L'Amour's autobiography, Education of a Wandering Man. It took a few moments for me to realize...I've found my ponder.

After nearly two weeks of running after children, putting everything breakable up another level (after I had already moved boxes to the garage), and cooking while the newborn is crying...I found my ponder! It has been missing for a couple of weeks.

My thoughts go to the scene in Hook where the older Peter returns the marbles to his friend (I can't recall the name right now). He'd gone around telling people he had lost his marbles and now they have been found. I can relate.

I also took a two hour nap this afternoon, which I know one person who reads this blog will be happy to hear. Yes, I have been overdoing it. The challenges of having a chronic illness and wanting so much to do more than the body can handle. It isn't Heaven, yet...but I've found my ponder!

I should add...the four children are adorable and it has been so much fun spending time with my daughter again doing all the girly things we enjoy. I just get tired very easily.


Sharon Kay said...

It sounds like you have had a fun and wonderful family time but it also sounds like you are ready to take a brake and take time for you. Which we all need..........

Anonymous said...

Toodles. Toodles lost his marbles.
joanna :)

smilnsigh said...

"I also took a two hour nap this afternoon, which I know one person who reads this blog will be happy to hear."

Hehhhh.... You betcha' I am!!!! :-))))

"Yes, I have been overdoing it."

Mmmmmmm.... Now that's a *surprise*! -giggles-

Dear Brenda, you know I love you and you know I want what's best for you and you know I am a 'busy-body' and I can't keep my mouth shut and be lady-like like you can. You know all this. And you still put up with me.

Hugs, hugs, hugs, hugs, hugs,

smilnsigh said...

Oh and gracious!! You found your ponder!

Please, help me find mine.

I have no ponder left, in me. I am writing about the WEATHER, in 2 blogs. Now how sad is that?!? Eeek!

Do I really need to watch a couple of 4 and 5 year old grands, to get it back? The youngest I have are near 3 and near 7. And the near 3 year old is a typical elf-on-speed and I doubt watching him, will help me any... in the pondering dept.

Oh my! "I'm dooomed!" {who says that? "I'm dooomed!" I can't even remember where I picked that out of my brain from!}



Heather said...

Brenda - I can so relate to your fatigue, and your lost ponder - it's been missing here for quite a while!

I'm glad you found yours again!