Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A quick Tuesday hello

There are a lot of little things I must finish today, all having to do with housework! We're expecting the temperatures to turn a little (lot) cooler for a few days later this week. That will give me a chance to catch up with the gardening...most of which is weeding and thinning out perennials. I have one section of my fence line that looks like something from a science fiction movie...no kidding...titled, "The Ferns that Ate Brenda's Yard". :)

Many thanks to everyone who has commented so far about their favorite classical music in Sunday Afternoon Tea. Even though it is now farther down on the screen, please feel free to make a comment. I'm going to compile them...probably this weekend. I already have excellent recommendations but I'm certain there are more.

I do enjoy reading comments and e-mails (even if it takes a few days to reply with e-mails!). Yes...I do listen to NPR. Sometimes I talk back to the news when it is on, only when I'm alone in the car. If I'm running errands on Saturday morning, I absolutely love to listen to The Car Guys (or whatever their official name). I don't care a hoot about automobiles as long as mine runs (although my first car was a used 1966 Mustang convertible). I still love listening to those two on Saturday mornings. Of course there is the music...always the music.


smilnsigh said...

"The Car Guys"! They are a hoot!!! We used to listen to them too. Wondering if they are still on, out our way. :-)

Oh wow! You had a '66 Mustang convertible! Do you know how collectible they are! Oh my yes! One of our sons has a {maybe} '57, in red. Yummy!!!


Anonymous said...

Are those two still on? "Click and Clack, the (something) brothers" I think is what they go by. Even though they are indeed a hoot, cars bore me too much to listen to even them. :)