Monday, May 14, 2007

Evangelicals and deep thinking

Some would think that's an oxymoron. There are times I'd agree with them but only on my cranky days. :)

We've had a lot of interesting conversations about the environment in our household. We often converse about such things but especially since my son read Al Gore's book. So...I was very interested in a few book reviews by Andy Crouch about environmentalism from an evangelical perspective in Books & Culture called RX for Excess. I'm actually going to do a "cut and paste" to Word and keep this article close at hand.

I've been doing some pondering (oh, no...not again) about something that has puzzled me for...well, probably since I became serious about my faith in the Jesus People days of the early 70s. Why is it that at one time the brilliant musicians, painters, scientists, etc. were people of great faith and we don't see that as much today?

I know Schaeffer often said we lost the culture when we told young people it was more godly to become a missionary than a scientist or artist or politician. I know there have to be more Christians in in leadership positions of the Arts and Sciences then I read about...aren't there?

Sigh...forgive me if I'm not making sense but this is where my mind has gone this afternoon. Do check out the Books & Culture article, it is very good.


Anonymous said...

oejgnkhjLook into Hillsdale College, they have a national speech digest called Imprimis. It is where we first heard about Walden Media, the force behind the latest movie version of Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe.
They are located in Michigan.
Not necessarily a Christian site or periodical, bt very conservitive.-Wendy

Sandra said...

I'm so pleased to see someone else thinks this way, too. We need Christians to influence our culture once again and what better way than through music, art, literature and science.

It is very sad that as Christians, we feel the only way to reach people is through the ministry (pastor, missionary, etc.). Our Christianity should influence everything we do...our job (no matter what it is), hobbies, thoughts, relationships. Shouldn't our total lives reflect our relationship with God?

Thanks for this post, Brenda!

Bethanie said...

honestly I'm not sure what your talking about, but my mother was a "jesus people" in the 70s.

Jennifer said...

That was a great article, thanks for the link! Now I am tempted to check out those books as well.