Sunday, May 06, 2007

Open the envelope please...

Okay, so I really drew the number from 65 pieces of paper, each with a corresponding number to a envelope was involved. :)

And the winner is.....TA DA...#46!

That's Bethanie!

Bethanie, contact me at my Coffee Tea Books and Me e-mail address located on the side bar! Congratulations, I'll be sending your package as soon as I hear from you.

Thank you to all who left a comment, it was fun reading them...and quite amazing that there were so many!

Anyone else who wanted to contact me should be able to at that e-mail address.

A couple of people mentioned they didn't know Miss Read had an autobiography. She has two, from Wikipedia, they are:


  • A Fortunate Grandchild - 1982
  • Time Remembered - 1986

These two were also published in an omnibus edition titled Early Days.

I love the Miss Read books, especially when I need a mental escape...


Cheryl (Copper's Wife) said...

Congratulations to Bethanie!!!

ukrainiac said...

I also congratulate Bethanie!

Bethanie said...

Thanks! I was so excited!
I just emailed my information.

Anonymous said...

Yay Bethanie! I'm only a LITTLE bit jealous, really :)
Welcome back Brenda!
Nita in SC