Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Rainy days and worldview

I awoke to a gloomy, cold day with pouring down rain. However, it made for a delightful time on my sofa with my devotional, Bible, and two cats. It was a rare morning where I was alone with Words and thoughts, prayers and ponderings. Add to that a phone call from New England which was icing on the proverbial cake (no baby on the way, we are wondering if he decided it is too cold to come out right now!).

I've had so many e-mails about the worldview class I've taught my son and I'm teaching at our co-op that I thought I'd share with you what I taught yesterday morning. (Which reminds me, I have not had the time to answer any e-mails this week!)

I spent a couple hours reading various editorials and articles and ended up printing out one by Helen Thomas (very liberal), one by Peggy Noonan (conservative), and an excellent apologetics article by Nancy Pearcey.

I had various students read each of the papers out loud and then we noted the sections of the writing which indicated the worldview of the writer. They enjoyed it very much. I believe they continue to learn enough to help them become discerning readers. On each article, I added the original site address so they could go back and read more if desired.

I'm taking a rest the remainder of the day. I plan to do some reading and some baking. I have cinnamon roll dough in the bread machine to be rolled out and baked in time for a late afternoon snack...a perfect treat for a blustery day...cinnamon rolls and books.


La Tea Dah said...

Your worldview class sounded very interesting. Thank you for sharing --- you make me miss the homeschool days very much!

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty said...

I'm going to go read those articles. I just wanted to say...I think I smell your cinnamon rolls. LOL