Thursday, April 12, 2007

Continuing a collection

The gift of some special books by a friend (all Victoria books!) has inspired me to add to my collection of "books that take me away from it all" each month. Some of them are books all about tea and teatime, others are about hospitality and homemaking, still others have gorgeous pictures and prose.

Sometimes I can find such books at the library sale or Goodwill. At the last sale, I found Victoria's book about French style (lovely!). They are rare, however. My favorite place to "shop" for such books is at Amazon because I can order them used. I enjoy rescuing old books since so many people want "brand new"....and the price is right. :)

My first purchase was a book I've wanted for awhile, called Time For Tea; Tea and Conversation With Thirteen English Women. The last few days, I've been walking to the end of our gravel lane and across the County road, peeking in anticipation as I open the rural mailbox. I love expecting special mail! I knew yesterday my book had arrived when I noticed the edge of a mailing envelope peeking out (as if it couldn't wait to finally be in the hands of someone who appreciates it again).

The copy I purchased is missing the dust cover (which, of course, made it even more inexpensive). However, once I opened the book...from the first page...I knew I had found a true treasure. It's a small-ish book, easy to read while sipping tea in the evening. It truly is like visiting England and making new friends, getting a glimpse of different English lifestyles, always a favorite family recipe is included.

It reminds me of a combination of Victoria magazine and British Country Living...what more could one ask? I skimmed all of it yesterday evening and I'm going back today to carefully read each page. I'm certain Time For Tea will be a book that gets pulled off the shelf and reread quite often.

I loved this book so much, I had to share it with you even before having my second cup of morning coffee. My first cup was a necessity or this review would look something like...oierurieowccbcb.

Next month I'll be on the lookout for another Victoria book.


Anonymous said...

I have this book!

Maggie Ann said...

I enjoyed your post! A good book is certainly a treasure and I sometimes wondor why I've not got my nose in a book more than I do. I stayed up untill 2am last night finishing a good book and looked at myself in the bathroom mirror at 2:15-grinned and said, well, you got your quarter's worth! that was the good-will price and well worth it...

Sharon Kay said...

I to also love books that take me away. I have many books about teas, and how to make a home be a welcome to all that enter the door way. I may only use one or two ideas from a book but learn so much.

smilnsigh said...

Oh I _love_ Amazon New & Used Books!!! For many reasons. One of which is... they are always in wonderful condition.

And as you say, one feels one is giving them a happy home, where they will be cherished. :-)

And you commented in my blog that..."Yesterday there were big storms and tornadoes!" My!! I'm certainly glad you didn't experience any tornadoes. And hope you didn't have any damage from big storms, either.


Deb said...

I'll be on the lookout for this book; it sounds wonderful!