Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Calm out of chaos

It has been "one of those" weeks with a hectic schedule, difficult people being more difficult than usual, and a house that is showing the appearance of neglect because I have been away from home during peak energy time. Last night I knew this was getting serious because I could not concentrate on my reading! Gasp...

Some of the sources of my stress are completely out of my control, I can only pray about some people and situations and "let it go". However, the housework is something I can control. Last night I did stay up and get the kitchen put in order. That made me feel good. This morning, I was all ready at least an hour before we actually had to leave the house so I found myself looking over my main "hot spot"...the dining table. It's especially stressful to look at because it is the first thing I see when walking in the house.

I have been using it as the dumping ground for everything that needed further attention when there was time. I figured it would take days to handle all the "gotta do's" represented on that table but I could use the hour to chip away at a few items. Imagine my amazement when I had three-fourths of all the "stuff" on the table taken care of at the end of that hour! From little chores like putting a stamp on a letter and walking out to put it in the rural mailbox, to finding DD size batteries in the garage for a flashlight, to sorting through papers and photos and putting them where they belonged...all finished in sixty minutes. Isn't that the way it is at times when we have been putting off the gotta do's because they appeared to be a mountain of work?

It was wonderful to walk in the house (after a day filled with juggling three different appointments and me being the chauffeur for both the guys) and not seeing a stack of "stuff" as I walked past the table. The remaining items are only a stack of articles I need to read before filing and the two folders which hold the materials for the class I teach at the co-op. No mental anguish brought about by piles of "stuff", they were not overwhelming after all. I'm beginning to feel a bit like I can handle life, as long as I take it one day at a time!

As a special treat to myself, I purchased my spring cleaning supplies in the honeysuckle fragrance. I figure as I am cleaning windows and scrubbing floors, the aroma will make me feel as Spring has arrived, even if it feels otherwise outside today.

Now, perhaps I can enjoy my book this evening.


Anonymous said...

< Isn't that the way it is at times when we have been putting off the gotta do's because they appeared to be a mountain of work? >

Brenda, last week I was so sick of the mess in my bedroom that had been there since Christmas (our room tends to be a dumping ground) that I finally had the idea of asking my two oldest boys to clean it for me. (ages 13 and 14)
Why, oh why, didn't I think of this two months ago?!
They had it cleaned in about an hour and it looked GREAT!!! They had decisions to make about where to put books, clothes, misc. papers and just plain "stuff" that was overwhelming me. I was so pleased they didn't just stuff "stuff"-you know what I mean? They actually found places for it.
I'm happy to report that it's still clean and organized. I'm determined to keep it that way. I'm even making my bed again everyday. :)
joanna, blushing at how honest I've been today....

Susan said...

Isn't it amazing the difference just a little bit of time can make! I know it felt good to walk in and not be assaulted by a full table once again. Good for you!

smilnsigh said...

Such wise words, Brenda. We view so many things, as unmanageable mountains. And just *hate* to start. But if we start, if we start, that is the key. So glad you did, with your 'hot spot.'

I fully understand how one place can *attract* so many things, no matter how we try to not let it happen. And I more than understand how getting rid of the clutter, can make one feel soooooo goooooood!

And sorry that your days have been trying. "A lot of that going around," as they say. No matter whether or not we Blog of Real Life, life does continue to throw 'kinks' at us. I fully understand this part too.

Hugs.... to all of us. We all have many a day, when we can use all the hugs we can get.

And for me, visiting in my 'Pretty Blog Land' is like getting a gentle hug, from each and every one here.


Heather said...

I have one room in the house that is *alway* clean and tidy - no toys, no food, no shoes. Three weeks ago water ran down the walls soaking the carpets and my 'room' was hastily pulled to dryer ground.

The water is now gone, dried with no staining PTL, the bubbled paint is almost perfectly smooth (thank heaven for top quality paint) and now my favorite room is back to 'normal' - unbelievable just how this disruption caused a mental unsettling for me!

Sometimes I get so overwhelmed I just don't know how to get started - thank you for the encouragement! Breaking a task down into managable bites makes such a difference!

Candy said...

I wish I lived closer so I could come over and give you a hand. Sometimes too, thats all we need, an extra hand. But sounds like you got it covered now. Thats good. :)

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I am so glad we don't have bad days every day! We should have scheduled our appointments better but a few of them just couldn't be helped. success yesterday made me realize I could start on my son's room today! He is very smart but the ADHD shows up in some areas and having problems sorting things is one of them. He does just fine unless his room gets really messy (like it is now).