Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Blueberry lemon coffee cake and more old books

It was quite cold here this morning. My local weatherman is telling us this should be Winter's last really, really cold weather. This is the same person who told us we wouldn't have anymore 90 degree temps last Fall...and we did. I like him, anyway.

So, since it was chilly in the kitchen, I thought some baking was in order. I made the Schoolhouse Coffeecake recipe again which is going to go down as one of the all time jewels of a recipe in this house. Thank you, Anna! I have made it according to the original recipe, also replaced the milk with orange juice and used a whole pkg. of frozen cranberries (the last I had in the freezer from the Holidays), and this morning...blueberry lemon coffeecake! I added just a little lemon extract to the batter and then used one whole package of organic wild blueberries (they are small but they pack a real flavor). So far all three recipes have turned out great. The only thing I add is to let them cool completely and then drizzle with a glaze made from confectioners sugar and a little milk. A good thing...

I came home with only half a bag from the $2.00 a bag day at the library sale. However, there were some good books left. I found a copy of Excellent Women by Barbara Pym in paperback. It has been added to my Spring Reading Challenge. I also found two very old Bible story books I'm putting back for the grandchildren (one has stories about the early church which is unique), an old book written for Christian workers by Charles Trumbull (his father is Henry Clay Trumbull), and another very old book by Pearl Buck called Portrait of a Marriage. Pearl Buck, along with Elizabeth Goudge, were my mother-in-law's favorite authors.

On a newer note, I also found Thomas Moore's Care of the Soul, which I've heard a lot about but never read. A few of these will be packed away with other books in boxes, ready for a new bookshelf when purchased. The others will be on my "to read" list (and Excellent Women will be read very soon). Not bad for $2.00!

This evening I begin reading The Bounty, which looks quite interesting. But first, there is a lot of housework which has backed up these last few days. The house requires attention before I can even think of reading and a refreshing cup of tea. Miles to go before I sleep. :)


lady laura said...

I hope you like Excellent Women as much as I did. Very charming :)

And your post reminded me that I have been wanting to try that Schoolhouse Coffeecake myself.

smilnsigh said...

Re your comment in my blog:
I'm so happy that your weatherman has said your Winter should be over soon. I don't think I've heard that here. Yishhhh...

But actually, I hardly ever listen to the local weather persons. Maybe I should start to do so!!! :-)


Susie said...

I saw your comment at smilnsigh and thought I would say hello. Your little teacup icon was so cute!!
I'm off to check out your recipe. I just posted a blueberry french toast recipe. Stop in anytime!!

picketfencemom said...

I always come away with such great book suggestions when I visit you! Also, I have been wanting to try Anna's coffee cake, and if you say it's that good...well, I better get busy! LOL
Have a great day!